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I am a Husband, Father and Cheese Maker living in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.   I have been a an avid cheese eater for years, but as I explored my family history I discovered how much cheese played a part of it.  My Maternal Grandfather was a Dairy Farmer in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, who from time to time made cheese.  It wasn’t until I started to make cheese that I discovered that my Paternal Great-Grandmother use to have a small Sheep Flock, that she used the ewe’s milk to make cheese and sell in the local market in Austria where they are from.  Thanks to my very understanding wife (who does not even like cheese) I have been able to make cheese at home, and trying not to destroy the kitchen or my marriage at the same time, and now I am Co-Owner and Head Cheese Maker of Winding Road Artisan Cheese in Smoky Lake County.



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  1. thanks, I have a lot to learn about cheese making. I just love the whole process and the experience. I am almost done with the experiments and then it will be back to my “education”

  2. Whoa! My mom is from Austria and I spent three summers there w/relatives! WeI’ve been making soft cheeses w/our goat’s milk since we (my daughter) purchased our first Alpine and joined 4H. I purchased a cheese press last year to stretch my cheesemaking adventures, but am intimidated. I’ve made farmhouse cheddar and added a variety of herbs to eat/snack like ‘granola’! Perhaps you will inspire me!! 😀

    1. That is great, we visited our relatives in Austria a few times. They no longer have a farm and live in Linz. I am jealous that you have a goat. All that fresh milk.

  3. Really interesting blog! I attempted to make my first cheddar this weekend and it has not gone well (mainly due to a houseguest putting it on a hot hob!) Still, it’s all a learning experience, I guess. Yours look fab.

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