Much To Do About Cheese Tasting Night

So this is happening tonight. A tasting of various cheeses with a few friends.

20140723-183340-66820693.jpg I’m such a tease.


Yukon Raft Update. – Oh So Soft and Gooey!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a Yukon Raft that I sampled.  I did not give much by way of a description of the experience, now that the temperature here has dropped below 30C I don’t mind sitting in front of a computer and write.  The pictures for this post were taken with my iPad.

The first Yukon Raft for sampling, it was about 6 weeks old.

The first Yukon Raft for sampling, it was about 6 weeks old.


Josef Returns, But Bigger & Possibly Better!

Last summer I made an Appenzeller in honour of my Grandfather who had passed away and named it Josef.  I still have a small wedge of that cheese left that I am saving for the return of my friend Addie from India, but it was time to make another one, this time bigger and possibly better!  I still have use of Addie’s Roaster Vat and I wanted to make a larger one than last time.  Please note that some of the pictures were taken with my camera and some with my iPad.

Armed with two vats and 28 Litres of milk it was time to start making cheese!

Armed with two vats and 28 Litres of milk it was time to start making cheese!


Amber Crossing – Room Temperature Gooey Cheese Test

I have mentioned that the Amber Crossing was quite gooey at room temperature, and of course a few people have said to put my cheese where my mouth is, so here is some video I took of the Amber Crossing and its ooey gooey goodness.

I just hope that the Yukon Raft are as gooey.  Until next time….20140423-094429.jpg

Washing The Yukon Rafts – Spruce Wrapped, Beer Washed Reblochon Update.

Now that there is a break in my Cheese Making Class schedule I can play catch up on some the cheeses that I have made.  The one I often get asked about is my latest batch of Spruce Wrapped Reblochon, which I have nicknamed “Yukon Raft”. It has been about a month since they were made and I wanted to give an update as to their progress.

I was waiting for the Geotricum to bloom before I could start washing the cheese with the beer that I had selected, around day 4 I was pleased to see that they were ready to get a good coating of the beer wash.

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery's Yukon Red (an amber ale)

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery’s Yukon Red (an amber ale).

I did learn some interesting things that can be helpful when preparing your wash solution. (more…)

The Cheese Gets The Strap – Spruce Wrapped Reblochon Take 2!

My first attempt at using spruce straps for my cheese turn out better than I could have hoped!  Unfortunately there were a few friends, well one in particular, that would not be able to try the previous batch of cheese, so in all fairness I had to make more.  So it was time to fire up the cheese vat and get make some Victoria Day Long Weekend cheese!

Cheese Vat

My trusty “Roaster Vat” starting to warm the milk.

My only problem with this make is that I cannot find the same beer that I used that last time, but I have some time to find it. (more…)

It Was A Grey and Dreary Day, But We Had Cheese!

On May 4th the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’s had our third get together, this time in celebration of the often maligned Washed Rind cheeses.  The stinkers, the aromatically enhanced glorious leaders of the cheese world.  Can you tell I love washed rind cheese?  Sure they stink, but fore the most part their aroma mellows at room temperature.  Their flavours can be in your face, even complex or easy like a Sunday morning.

We had a variety of cheese, that included some non-washed rinds, such at Rick’s Wild Crottin and Wild Ash’d Goat, Corinne’s amazing Marinated Chèvre, Larry’s Great Brie.  I put out some of my 4 month old YEGmental and some Queso Fresco.

All the cheese in the world

This was the full cheese table

There were so many cheese, that I felt very lucky that, being the host, I would get to keep a few.  There were some interesting cheeses (more…)

Quality Control Tastings – Amber Crossing Update.

They say that curiosity killed the cat.  Sometimes this can be applied to cheese making too.  I have been curious how the Amber Crossing, my spruce wrapped-amber ale washed, cheeses would turn out.  I know that the cheeses are less than 60 days old, but it was time to try at least the one that did not have a strap, as a quality control measure.  Well that is what I was telling myself to justify opening it early.

unwrapped spruce.

This was the one wheel that I did not wrap in spruce.

This wheel was only washed with the ale for 7 days, I was concerned that the paste was softening too fast so I stopped the wash early.  These were some of the factors I would have to consider while tasting it.  The main question remained…How would it taste? (more…)

Wrapping the Strapping! – Time to wrap the Amber Crossing.

Almost 21 days and it is time to wrap my Spruce Wrapped Reblochon, that have been dubbed Amber Crossing.  There is a point in a washed rind cheese’s life that you need to stop washing and let the cultures and flora do their thing.  How do I know it is time?  Simple the edges of the cheese were starting to soften and it was starting to spread into the centre of the tops of the cheese too.

The geo had spread to the straps I was wondering to wrap or wash more.

The geo had spread to the straps I was wondering to wrap or wash more.


Amber Crossing – What A Difference 15 Days Make!

My newly named “Amber Crossing” are now 15 days old and my how they have grown.  After yeasting for a few days they started to get their wash which consisted of a mix of Alley Kat’s Amber, PLA and salt.  One thing that I am not know for is my patience, but cheese making has helped me with that and I have been rewarded with these cheese so far.  Yesterday I ran out of the original batch of wash mix so it was time to make some more…

Rabbit ears

Here is the new batch of wash. You let it sit a room temperature for 12 -24 hours before starting to use it.

…and give an update on the cheese.