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The Taleggio Time, and I, Forgot!

Have you ever forgot about a cheese?  I have and this is its tale, the tale of the “Taleggio That Time Forgot”.  I was cleaning out my cheese fridge to make room for some more cheese and I stumbled upon this (Warning the following…

Bringing On The Funk! – Fun Times With Taleggio Part 2

It has been well over a month since I made my first cheese of 2014, my first Taleggio and it has been a fun and funky time for these four little cheeses.  But wait you are thinking you made five, sorry there are only four…

Two for Taleggio Part I: The First Cheese Making of 2014

I admit it, I was spoiled at Christmas this year, a Cheese Trier, new moulds spruce bark straps the list could go on….but really it doesn’t.  I have a great family that puts up with my cheese making, so much so that when I…

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