It’s Been A While – Cheesy Updates!

It has been well over a month since I last posted and that was about our now completed Kickstarter Campaign, more on that later, but I have some updates about what I have done the last month or so.  One of which is crossing off a cheese that is on my list of must try’s. 

Yukon Raft Update. – Oh So Soft and Gooey!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a Yukon Raft that I sampled.  I did not give much by way of a description of the experience, now that the temperature here has dropped below 30C I don’t mind sitting in front of a computer and write.  The pictures for this post were taken…

Amber Crossing – Room Temperature Gooey Cheese Test

I have mentioned that the Amber Crossing was quite gooey at room temperature, and of course a few people have said to put my cheese where my mouth is, so here is some video I took of the Amber Crossing and its ooey gooey goodness. I just hope that the Yukon Raft are as gooey….

Sprucing Up My Cheese Making By Giving Them The Strap!

This past Christmas I was given some cheese making supplies, and in my stocking I found these peculiar things that looked like paint stirring sticks.  They weren’t, I was relieved I thought my wife was hinting at a reno project, they were spruce straps used for wrapping cheeses such as Vacherin or Mont d’or.  Well…