Spruce Wrapped Cheese

It’s Been A While – Cheesy Updates!

It has been well over a month since I last posted and that was about our now completed Kickstarter Campaign, more on that later, but I have some updates about what I have done the last month or so.  One of which is crossing off a cheese that is on my list of must try’s. 20151116_181745 (more…)


Yukon Raft Update. – Oh So Soft and Gooey!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a Yukon Raft that I sampled.  I did not give much by way of a description of the experience, now that the temperature here has dropped below 30C I don’t mind sitting in front of a computer and write.  The pictures for this post were taken with my iPad.

The first Yukon Raft for sampling, it was about 6 weeks old.

The first Yukon Raft for sampling, it was about 6 weeks old.


Amber Crossing – Room Temperature Gooey Cheese Test

I have mentioned that the Amber Crossing was quite gooey at room temperature, and of course a few people have said to put my cheese where my mouth is, so here is some video I took of the Amber Crossing and its ooey gooey goodness.

I just hope that the Yukon Raft are as gooey.  Until next time….20140423-094429.jpg

Washing The Yukon Rafts – Spruce Wrapped, Beer Washed Reblochon Update.

Now that there is a break in my Cheese Making Class schedule I can play catch up on some the cheeses that I have made.  The one I often get asked about is my latest batch of Spruce Wrapped Reblochon, which I have nicknamed “Yukon Raft”. It has been about a month since they were made and I wanted to give an update as to their progress.

I was waiting for the Geotricum to bloom before I could start washing the cheese with the beer that I had selected, around day 4 I was pleased to see that they were ready to get a good coating of the beer wash.

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery's Yukon Red (an amber ale)

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery’s Yukon Red (an amber ale).

I did learn some interesting things that can be helpful when preparing your wash solution. (more…)

Sprucing Up My Cheese Making By Giving Them The Strap!

This past Christmas I was given some cheese making supplies, and in my stocking I found these peculiar things that looked like paint stirring sticks.  They weren’t, I was relieved I thought my wife was hinting at a reno project, they were spruce straps used for wrapping cheeses such as Vacherin or Mont d’or.  Well March has rolled in like a lamb and I figured it was time for me to use them.  So armed with 14 litres of “HomeMaid” and extra fat whole milk, my trusty Reblochon and basket mould it was time to spring into cheese action.

Spruce Straps, Moulds and Alley Kat's Ambert Ale.  A match made in cheese heaven.

Spruce Straps, Moulds and Alley Kat’s Ambert Ale. A match made in cheese heaven.

I decided that I would use the Reblochon recipe I have, but wash the rinds with a Amber Ale by Alley Cat Brewery, from right here in Edmonton.  With this goal in mind it was time to start. (more…)