May 24th Cheese Making Class

On Saturday May 24, I instructed my second last cheese making class for the spring session for Metro Continuing Education, this time I was able to get some pictures of the cheese that the students made.

All the ingredients we need for the class, that and the milk.

All the ingredients we need for the class, that and the milk.



Ricotta, Queso, Mozzarella, Oh My! – 2nd Cheese Making Class!

As you may or may not know, I have started to teach a class called “Introduction to Artisan Cheese Making” for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton, as part of the Adult Continuing Education section.  Yesterday was the second of four classes that have been scheduled for the spring session.  I had the pleasure of welcoming 11 new people to the ranks of Home Cheese Makers.  It is a six-hour class and we covered the basics of cheese making.  We started with a hands-on Whole Milk Ricotta, then I demonstrated how to make a Queso Fresco, including how to press a cheese in the cheesecloth; and we finished with a hands on Mozzarella make.  It was a fun day with the students taking home lots of cheese.  I provided samples of the Queso Fresco and shared some of my 4 month old YEGmental.01-Class collage

Here is yesterday's Queso Fresco after pressing.

Here is yesterday’s Queso Fresco after pressing.

The Queso Fresco's shape is due to the knot in the cheesecloth.

The Queso Fresco’s shape is due to the knot in the cheesecloth.

As I said I still have two more classes scheduled for this spring, but there will me more offered by Metro Continuing Education in the fall.  Until next time….

Cheesepalooza Posts Of The Month For Ricotta Challenge

First off I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post, but unfortunately real life gets in the way of Cheese Life!  First I will recap the criteria for our selections, all met them, but I will post the comments from each of us that pushed our selections ahead.  I used the pictures that were submitted for the the Ricotta Round-up.

Cheesepalooza Friendly Competition:

This project really is just all about the cheese, making it, and learning from this collaborative experience. But, to add a little fun to it, every month each of us will pick our favourite cheesy post based on the following criteria:

  • visual appeal
  • the learning experience is explained and well written
  • measure of success is identified: a critique of your own work is apparent
  • recipe and process is included (unless it is Mary’s recipe, exactly)
  • the tasting notes are an interesting read (more…)