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Tenth Time’s A Charm – Finally Cracked The Little Squirrels!

Anyone who has followed this site knows that I have worked on my “Little Squirrel” Semi-Lactic cheese, for almost two years now.  I think that after countless litres of milk, several ounces of cultures and molds, the tenth version has met the bill!  I…

Return of the Reblochon and other assorted updates

I’m back and I brought some cheese with me as well.  I would like to apologize for my extended absence, but there were some extenuating circumstances and a vacation put into the mix as well.  I had some posts ready before my absence, but…

First Attempt at Semi-Lactic Mold Ripened Goat Cheese

I have dabbled in Semi-Lactic cheese may times, and this time I tried some goat milk and used ARN (mixture of Geotricum, Orange and Ivory B. Linens and yeast).  There was some trouble with my curd set and I had to pre drain the…

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