The Winding Road to the American Cheese Society Conference 2017

Years ago I contacted the American Cheese Society to see if I could become a member.  At the time the only option open to me was to become a “Cheese Enthusiast” member, now flash forward several years and I am now a full “Industry” member and I attended my first conference and brought home an…

My How Time Flies – Updates & The Great Amateur Cheese Adventure.

It has been almost a month since I last posted something.  What can I say, life has been hectic and there hasn’t been much to report on the cheese front.  Well other than we are days away from the Inaugural Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards, which I will be attending (more on that later).  I do…

Josef 3.0 – A New Beginning.

First off I want to apologize for not posting over the past couple of weeks.  I have been extremely busy with my day job, cheesemaking classes, The Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards and on top of that I slipped and fell of my steps a couple of weeks ago and it finally does not hurt to sit….

Josef – 10 Months In The Ageing.

In March 2014 I made another Josef, an Appenzeller style cheese, and at our most recent League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’ meeting it was time to see if all my hard work would pay off. Who better than to share it with, but my fellow league members.

A Year In Cheese – The Big 3!

I have been tempted to take the next few weeks off from writing and concentrate on Family and personal cheese making, but I have some pictures that I wanted to share.  They from a Yukon Raft tasting, but of two of “The Big 3” cheese that I made this year.  The Clothbound Cheddar and Josef.

Josef And Its Technicolour Dream Rind

I have meant to give an update on my second Josef for a while, things have gotten in the way.  Work, illness, writer’s block and Blue Cheese. Now with this Josef reaching 4 months it was time to update you on its progress

Josef Returns, But Bigger & Possibly Better!

Last summer I made an Appenzeller in honour of my Grandfather who had passed away and named it Josef.  I still have a small wedge of that cheese left that I am saving for the return of my friend Addie from India, but it was time to make another one, this time bigger and possibly…

Getting To The Core Of Things – Josef Part III

In late July, early August I set about making a cheese in honour of my late Grandfather Josef, which was documented in “Part I – In An Alpine State Of Mind” and in “Part II – It will All Come Out In The Wash“, it is now 5 months later and now it was time…

The Would Be Cheese Plate – Update on various cheeses

I was debating about creating a separate post for each of these cheeses, but I figured it would be easier to combine the post and give you something to look at.  Besides nothing is really ready to open, except…. Reblochon at 71 Days Now at this point you would expect the cheese to be orange…