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If it is Gouda for You – PART II : The Tasting.

The time has come for me to open up the Reader’s Choice Gouda, normally I would wait another month, but with the end of February a few days away, I needed to have a taste to see if it would be any good as…

If it is Gouda for you, then it is Gouda for me!…Part 1

December has come and gone, just as 2012 has turned to 2013, change is good, but certain things stay the same, I make cheese and I love it.  Recently I asked my readers to vote on which “washed curd” cheese I should make as…

Past present future- Much To Do About Cheese Holiday Update

So as the year winds down I have not had too much time to write anything let alone make as much cheese as I would like to.  That being said I have some quick updates on Tomme(y) and a few other cheeses that I…

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