Fresh Feta

Feta Class – Huge Thanks to Blush Lane Organic Market.

I love making cheese and I love teaching people how to make their own cheese.  On March 7th I had the pleasure of teaching a “Feta” Class for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton.  I want to thank Scott Bladon and his team at Blush Lane Organic Market for sponsoring the class and providing the Goat Milk for the students.  Milk is the most expensive part of cheesemaking, so when Blush Lane Organic Market offered to donate the milk I was truly grateful.Blushlane (more…)


My Wife’s Request For Fresh Feta.

I have often mentioned that my wife is not a big fan of cheese, so when she made a specific request for cheese, I was determined to make sure I made it with care and attention.  Especially when she requested Feta.  She likes fresh Feta, not too salty and without brine.  So off to the store I went to get some local Goat Milk and got to work.

With my 4 litres of Goat's Milk I started making Feta.

With my 4 litres of Goat’s Milk I started making Feta.