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Cheesemaking Workshops on Open Farm Day – Northlands Park

The League of YEG Home Cheesemakers was invited to meet at Northlands Park as part of their commitment to Urban and Sustainable Agriculture.  People have been making cheese at home for centuries so it is a good fit for both organizations.  As part of this partnership we are running three workshops for Open Farm Days

Alberta Open Farm Days is about farmers and ranchers inviting their urban and rural neighbours to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the farmers who grow their food.

Albert Open Farm Days Website.


For more information about Open Farm Days activities at Northlands click on the image above.

Space is limited so get your tickets early you can order them though Ticketmaster here.

Check out Open Farm Days here in Alberta, it is a great thing to do with your family and you can see where your food really comes from.

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Feta Class – Huge Thanks to Blush Lane Organic Market.

I love making cheese and I love teaching people how to make their own cheese.  On March 7th I had the pleasure of teaching a “Feta” Class for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton.  I want to thank Scott Bladon and his team at Blush Lane Organic Market for sponsoring the class and providing the Goat Milk for the students.  Milk is the most expensive part of cheesemaking, so when Blush Lane Organic Market offered to donate the milk I was truly grateful.Blushlane (more…)

November 22 Camembert Class – Thank You Blush Lane Organic Market!

As you may or may not know, I have taught Introduction To Cheese Making Classes for Metro Continuing Education in Edmonton.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching my first “Advanced” class, Camembert.  I always talk about how the quality milk is important and all brands are not created equal; but at the same time I talk about how decent cheese can be made from bog standard store milk.   Thanks to past student of mine, who got me in contact with the Manager, Scott, of Blush Lane Organic Market in Edmonton, this class had the opportunity to use some amazing milk.  Blush Lane Organic Market  sponsored the milk for my class, by providing 32 Litres of Organic, Grass-Fed, Low Heat Pasteurized, Non-Homogenized Vital Greens Milk from Picture Butte, Alberta. I wanted to publicly thank Scott and Blush Lane Organic Market for their generous donation, it was greatly appreciated by everyone.Blushlane

The milk and some coupons for the Store.

The milk and some coupons for the Store.

But how did the cheese turn out you ask?  Well the proof is in the pudding or curd in this case.


May 24th Cheese Making Class

On Saturday May 24, I instructed my second last cheese making class for the spring session for Metro Continuing Education, this time I was able to get some pictures of the cheese that the students made.

All the ingredients we need for the class, that and the milk.

All the ingredients we need for the class, that and the milk.


Ricotta, Queso, Mozzarella, Oh My! – 2nd Cheese Making Class!

As you may or may not know, I have started to teach a class called “Introduction to Artisan Cheese Making” for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton, as part of the Adult Continuing Education section.  Yesterday was the second of four classes that have been scheduled for the spring session.  I had the pleasure of welcoming 11 new people to the ranks of Home Cheese Makers.  It is a six-hour class and we covered the basics of cheese making.  We started with a hands-on Whole Milk Ricotta, then I demonstrated how to make a Queso Fresco, including how to press a cheese in the cheesecloth; and we finished with a hands on Mozzarella make.  It was a fun day with the students taking home lots of cheese.  I provided samples of the Queso Fresco and shared some of my 4 month old YEGmental.01-Class collage

Here is yesterday's Queso Fresco after pressing.

Here is yesterday’s Queso Fresco after pressing.

The Queso Fresco's shape is due to the knot in the cheesecloth.

The Queso Fresco’s shape is due to the knot in the cheesecloth.

As I said I still have two more classes scheduled for this spring, but there will me more offered by Metro Continuing Education in the fall.  Until next time….

And Queso Was Its Name-O!

The was a man he made some cheese and Queso was its name-o.  Well Queso Fresco to be exact!  As part of my class with Metro Continuing Education I demonstrate how to make a Queso Fesco, a fresh pressed cheese that is ready to eat the next day.  I like to age mine a week before eating, but it is strictly a personal preference.

Starter kit

I gathered up my basic equipment and began.


First Cheese Making Class In The Books & Telus World of Science Edmonton Presentation!

Yesterday I taught my first of three Cheese Making Classes for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton.  There were 12 participants from the Greater Edmonton Area, all wanting to learn some of the basics or cheese making.  They were a great group and in the end I ended up learning a thing or two as well.   We started with a talk on the basics and then dove right into making cheese.  It was a hands on class, with only one demonstration cheese, the Queso Fresco, and we finished with my “Quick Mozzarella”

Cheese Making Class Collage

Just a quick peak into my cheese making class and the prep that went into it.

I will be posting the Queso Fresco I made ahead of the class as well as the directions on how to make it in a future post.  The rest of the classes for Metro Continuing Education are full, but you can always send me an email through the Cheese Making Classes section of my website and we can talk.

Telus World of Science, Edmonton – DARK MATTERS, An Evening for Adults.

The Telus World of Science – Edmonton, has started to host evenings with  various themes for Adults, called “DARK MATTERS“.  The next night (March 13, 2014) is all about the science of food, with various presenters including  Alley Kat Brewing Company and I will be  talking about some of the science behind making cheese and making my “Quick Mozzarella” as part of the demonstration.  If you are in the Edmonton on the 13th stop by and say hello.

Third Cheese Making Class added at Metro Continuing Education in Edmonton.

Just an update to for my the classes that I am teaching for Metro Continuing Eduction in Edmonton, they have added a third class due to the high demand.  It will be on Saturday April 12 from 9AM to 3 PM.  There are still a few spots left in the class when I looked tonight.

Click here to visit Metro Continuing Education to get more information or to register.

Click here to visit Metro Continuing Education to get more information or to register.

Cheese Making Classes Page Glitch Is Fixed

You probably noticed the changes to the website, and to the Cheese Making Classes page.  With the changes there have been some glitches, including the new Class Information Request form not working.  I apologize if you filled it out and you did not receive an answer back.

The form now works, so please resubmit your email and I will get back to you.

Tweaking the Website – Suggestions Welcome!

I am constantly trying to improve my website, as you can probably tell by the new menu items on the left side of the page.  I have hopefully fixed the Calendar page for events and things happening with Much To Do About Cheese, Cheesepalooza Tastings and Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese Classes, Market Days and Cheese Making Days.  You can reach the Calendar page here.

I have also added a page where you can ask information on our Cheese Making Classes at Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese.  All you have to do is fill out the form and check whether you want to register for a class or that you want information about future classes.  You can reach the Cheese Making Classes page here.

Is there something you think I should include?  Do you have a suggestion for the site?  Please let me know and I will see if it is possible

Go and make some cheese.