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A Year In Cheese – The Big 3!

I have been tempted to take the next few weeks off from writing and concentrate on Family and personal cheese making, but I have some pictures that I wanted to share.  They from a Yukon Raft tasting, but of two of “The Big 3” cheese that I made this year.  The Clothbound Cheddar and Josef.

"The Big 3" - Clothbound Cheddar, Yukon Raft and Josef

“The Big 3” – Clothbound Cheddar, Yukon Raft and Josef



Tasty To The Core – 8 Month Clothbound Cheddar – Sampling

Last month I wrote about my Clothbound Cheddar  and how it has aged.  This was the first time I have ever made a Clothbound Cheese and it has been an education.  I think I mentioned during the first post that I missed a step and that time would tell if it would be a problem.  At 8 months it was time to see if I have a success or failure on my hands, thankfully I have a Trier that my wife gave me last year for Christmas. (All pictures are taken with my iPad.)

Plunging the Trier into the bandaging required some force

Plunging the Trier into the bandaging required some force.


Clothbound And Down-7 Month Update

7 months have passed since I made my Clothbound Cheddar (Made February 8th, 2014) and 4 months since the last update.  I have made some changes to aging the cheese, it still has its own ripening box, but I have taken it off the wooden trivet and now placed it on cedar plank.  This has seen an explosion of life and colour on the bandaging.

7 Months in and still looking great.

7 Months in and still looking great.


3.5 Months Under Wraps – Clothbound Cheddar Update!

It has been a while since I last updated the condition of my Clothbound Cheddar, it is time to look at the cheese now that it has reached a milestone.  Most of the recipes for cheddar say that you can try it at 3 months.  I don’t like the taste of soap, though Lifebouy has a nice piquant flavour but that is a different story; so I will wait a few more months to break out the trier and sample.

Clothbound Cheddar at 3 Months old

Made my birthday weekend, it is starting really look its age.

The lard is really doing its job and the mould is staying in the cheesecloth, I am really happy with how things are going (more…)

Clothbound Cheddar Week 8 – Filling In The Gaps

I last posted about my Clothbound Cheddar just after week 5, there was some life to the mould/flora on the bandaging but it wasn’t where I thought it would be.  What a difference 3 more weeks make.

New fridge, old cheese

The Cheddar is in the bottom ripening box.

I have a new dual zone cheese fridge and the lovely Cheddar has gone into a new ripening box and into the fridge.   So without further ado and such I present to you my Clothbound Cheddar at 8 weeks old. (more…)

An Explosion of Life!-Clothbound Cheddar Week 5

I know I promised to update the state of the Clothbound Cheddar every week, well it has been a few weeks and I realized that I hadn’t posted in a few weeks.

lots of life.

There have been an explosion of flora on the bandages.

So without further ado please enjoy the explosion of life that is my first Clothbound Cheddar.


It’s Alive! – Clothbound Cheddar Week 3

The Clothbound Cheddar I made at the beginning of February is now into its third week of aging and with a few tweaks the flora on the bandages has really started to take off, so to quote Doctor Fankenstein “It’s Alive”.  There is more growth than in week 2, but that is what I had hoped for.

Top showing linens

If you get the right angle you can see some brown,pink and green on the top.

But that’s not all folks…..


Showing Signs of Life – Clothbound Cheddar 16 Days old

A few weeks ago I made my first Clothbound Cheddar and I mentioned that I would post weekly updates to show the flora growth on the bandaging.  I am happy to say that it is finally showing signs of life.  The outer layer of lard is starting to dry and you can see some of the flecks of green and blue starting to show.

week 2 cheddar

My little beauty is now 16 days old and starting to show some life.

Now this is the first time I have every encouraged mould to grown on anything not ending “bert” so the temptation to scrub the cloth will have to controlled, and now on to the rest… (more…)

Making My First Clothbound Cheddar – Wrapping Around The Lard!

I have made several Cheddar since starting to make cheese.  All have been natural rinds or they have been vacuum sealed.  It was time to make my first Bandaged or Clothbound Cheddar.  I also decided that if I was going to make a Clothbound Cheddar, then it was going to be a big one.  So off to the store I went to pick up 24 litres of skim milk and 4 Litres of whipping cream to make up 28 litres of “HomeMaid” whole milk.  Then fire up the double vats and start making cheese.

Heating milk

28 litres of milk coming up to temperature


Cheese Tease – Clothbound Cheddar

If you follow Much To Do About Cheese on Facebook then you may know that I made my first Clothbound Cheddar last weekend. Normally I would have posted about the make by now, but things got away from me this week. Between preparing for upcoming cheese making classes and my day job it was a bit too much. The post is nearly complete and will be up in a few days, but until then here is a little “Cheese Tease” with the finished product.


Another thing to mention Much To Do About Cheese is on Instagram now, just click on the icon on the left side of the screen to check out the feed.

Until next time go and make some cheese.