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Cheddar vs Caerphilly – Round 1…Fight! December Challenge Favourites

Once again life got in the way of posting this on time, but after pouring though several different posts, we have come up with our favourite posts for Caerphilly/Farmhouse Cheddar Challenge.

Cheesepalooza Mozzarella Challenge Favourites – Traditional Mayhem

Once again it is time to announce our favourite posts for this past challenge.  It is getting harder and harder to pick our favourite posts as everyone is rising to the challenge of cheese making.  I am really impressed with the level of success… Continue Reading “Cheesepalooza Mozzarella Challenge Favourites – Traditional Mayhem”

Cheesepalooza Challenge #3 – Favourite Feta/Halloumi Posts

We the time has come to announce our favourite post for the Feta/Halloumi Challenge for this month.  I have to say that the quality of cheeses impressed us greatly.  I big pat on the back should go to everyone! Now to get to the… Continue Reading “Cheesepalooza Challenge #3 – Favourite Feta/Halloumi Posts”

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