Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards

Standing In Judgement – Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards

Being surrounded by cheese and getting to sample it, sounds like a dream doesn’t it?  Now try to imagine 25 cheeses from amateur cheesemakers from all over Canada and they need to be judged to determine the best in Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking.  Doesn’t sound like too much fun now doesn’t it.  This was my first time judging cheese, but I was lucky to have award-winning cheesemaker Stephanie Diamant, formerly of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese and now with Black River Cheese.

Stephanie and I checking the aroma of one of the Bloomy Rind Entries  -Photo by Jane Churchill

Stephanie and I checking the aroma of one of the Bloomy Rind Entries
-Photo by Jane Churchill.

It was a great experience judging alongside this experienced cheesemaker, I was able to channel my “Cheese Fanboy/Amateur Cheesemaker”, with Stephanie’s help, into judging.  I am overly critical about my cheese, so it was nice to discuss the cheeses with a professional which made me more objective.  I reblogged the results earlier that were posted on so I am only going to talk about the judging and mention the winners.  (more…)


My How Time Flies – Updates & The Great Amateur Cheese Adventure.

It has been almost a month since I last posted something.  What can I say, life has been hectic and there hasn’t been much to report on the cheese front.  Well other than we are days away from the Inaugural Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards, which I will be attending (more on that later).  I do have a few updates on some cheeses that are in progress.

4 Month Old Josef.

4 Month Old Josef.


Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards – Call For Entries!

Recently I posted about the possibility of there being a Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Competition/Awards to recognize and give feedback to Home Cheesemakers.  We have turned this possibility into reality.   We have officially opened the first  Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards and are accepting entries until April 15, 2015.  Click on the image below to get to the Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards page.

Screen Capture

I know some of you are saying “My cheese is not competition worthy”, that is not the point of the Amateur Cheesemaking Awards.  We want to provide encouragement and feedback to Home Cheesemakers.  Everyone who enters will get a copy of the judging reports to help improve their skill level.

Lets make this be a showcase for Amateur Cheesemaking in Canada!  If you have any questions contact me or email competition at or click here