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Little Squirrel In A Jar: Semi-Lactic Cheese Experiment

I am constantly on the look out for new techniques to try with my cheesemaking, so when I heard of David Asher’s blog and his upcoming book, The Art Of Natural Cheesemaking, I just had to check things out.  He recently posted his version of a Mason Jar Marcellin, a true lactic cheese that used raw milk and natural Geotrichum to ripen the milk.  I don’t have access to raw milk but I figured that I might be able to make a version using store milk.  20150626_190448

Though it may not be true to the original vision or spirit of David Asher’s version, but I think I may be on track with my “Little Squirrel In A Jar” version. (more…)

League of YEG Home Cheese Makers – May Meeting-Bloomies

On May 9th the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers, a growing group of Edmonton based home cheese makers, met in a spacious room at the Expo Centre at Northlands here in Edmonton.  Our theme was Bloomy Rind Cheeses, or what ever a member had to share.  Not only did we have a great time but we also discussed expanding membership numbers.LYEGHCMPlease note that all the pictures were taken with my phone, sorry for the quality. (more…)

November 22 Camembert Class – Thank You Blush Lane Organic Market!

As you may or may not know, I have taught Introduction To Cheese Making Classes for Metro Continuing Education in Edmonton.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching my first “Advanced” class, Camembert.  I always talk about how the quality milk is important and all brands are not created equal; but at the same time I talk about how decent cheese can be made from bog standard store milk.   Thanks to past student of mine, who got me in contact with the Manager, Scott, of Blush Lane Organic Market in Edmonton, this class had the opportunity to use some amazing milk.  Blush Lane Organic Market  sponsored the milk for my class, by providing 32 Litres of Organic, Grass-Fed, Low Heat Pasteurized, Non-Homogenized Vital Greens Milk from Picture Butte, Alberta. I wanted to publicly thank Scott and Blush Lane Organic Market for their generous donation, it was greatly appreciated by everyone.Blushlane

The milk and some coupons for the Store.

The milk and some coupons for the Store.

But how did the cheese turn out you ask?  Well the proof is in the pudding or curd in this case.


No Blue For You! Second Attempt At Making A Blue Cheese.

My last attempt at making a blue cheese was a success, well in the sense that I got a blue cheese, but it was a salt lick.  I wanted to make another, so I could “fix” my mistakes from the first batch.  I had received some new moulds and I wanted to use them to change things up a bit. (All pictures taken with my iPad)

My Valençay moulds arrived.

My Valençay moulds arrived.


Twisted Squirrel – Things Are Blooming!

You probably know that I decided to make another batch of Little Squirrels (Twisted Squirrels), but this time using PLA instead of Geo 17.  It is now day 10 and things, they are a blooming!

This was day 9 and the bloom was starting to move up from the sides.

This was day 9 and the bloom was starting to move up from the sides.

I was quite surprised to see that the bloom was an off white, almost yellow.  I was not expecting the linens to show up for a while. (more…)

Tenth Time’s A Charm – Finally Cracked The Little Squirrels!

Anyone who has followed this site knows that I have worked on my “Little Squirrel” Semi-Lactic cheese, for almost two years now.  I think that after countless litres of milk, several ounces of cultures and molds, the tenth version has met the bill!  I think I have cracked it.  Am I sure? No, but I am confident and I have hope.  I am definitely happy with the results so far.  Am I ready to share the recipe?  Not on your life!  Not yet at least.  I want to have several successful makes before giving out this baby.  I will share some things with you though, but as they say pictures are worth a thousand words

Whole milk

It starts with my “HomeMaid” Whole milk

Little Squirrel Cultures

And a pinch of culture and a pinch of Geo 17


It was a Dark and Cheesy Night – First Meeting Of The League of YEG Home Cheese Makers

On a frozen evening at the beginning of December the first meeting of the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers was hosted by our member Rick and his wife Lorrie.  We were gathering to share our first cheeses that we made and to talk of all things cheese.  It was about -25C and we had just come out of a snow storm that dropped almost 15 cm of snow over a few days and not all the starting group could attend, but it was fitting that it was a festival of Bloomy Rinds.  I will be honest that we spent more time eating cheese and talking than taking pictures of the cheeses.  It was a great evening, with good company and great cheese.

The bloomy rind festival matched the snow outside.

The bloomy rind festival matched the snow outside.


Getting Things Under Wraps – Camembundy, MinCams and Cheesecomber Logs…Oh My

It snowed here last night, it was a wet heavy snow.  I shouldn’t have been surprised it is November and we still haven’t had any real snow and this is Canada after all.  So the snow had me thinking it was time to post an update on the Bloomy Rind Cheeses that I have on the go.  After looking at the MiniCams it looked like I had the beginnings of “Slip Skin” (link to Curd Nerd) so It was time to wrap the cheese and get them into cooler ageing.  I know that the bloom was not complete but I think I had too high of humidity and the Geo 17 might have gotten out of hand.   (more…)

Fall Cheese Bloom – A Fine Coat of White Covers All.

Last week I was in a struggle to save a semi-lactic cheese that I was attempting to make.  I did manage to save two “logs” out of an eight litre batch.  I am excited that the white bloom has started.  This time I used both Geo 17 and PC ABL for the mold cultures.  Here are some of the pictures that show the bloom.  I just flipped the cheeses so the “bottoms” don’t have much of a bloom on them but that will happen in due time.

Things are in full bloom

Things are starting to bloom