Cheesecombers – Salvaging Cheese Like Nick Adonidas Salvages Logs.

Growing up in Canada in the 70’s and 80’s one of the mainstays on the CBC TV (Canadian Broadcast Television owned by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation) or just the CBC, was “The Beachcombers” and one of my favourite shows.  It was about Log Salvagers on the West Coast of Canada, and the main character was Nick Adonidas (played by the great Bruno Gerussi) who battled another log salvager named Relic.  It was part of my childhood and young adulthood as well.  What does this have to do with cheese?  Well this past weekend I had to salvage a cheese I was making or at least trying to make.  Humbling yes, deterred no!  Oh and here is some classic Canadiana to get you started, after all this is how I started my Sunday nights for almost 20 years.