Alberta Cheese

Alberta Cheese Adventure – The Cheesiry

There are several cheese producers in my home province of Alberta, there are a few that produce cow and goat milk cheese; but only one that  I know of that produces wonderful sheep milk cheeses.  The Cheesiry was started in 2009 in Kitscoty Alberta, (200 km east of Edmonton) by Rhonda Headon, using the milk from her flock of grass-fed East-Friesian sheep.  I had spoken with Rhonda a few times “online” and over the phone and once in person, but it was time I made the trek out to Kitscoty and for a visit.  After all I had bought her cheese  before, it would be rude not to visit.  So with my friend Addie behind the wheel we left Edmonton and headed out on the open road for an Alberta Cheese Adventure.

We arrived at the farm just in time for the pressing stage of the day’s cheese making, Rhonda was nice enough to invite us into the cheese making room to see the process.  We donned our proper cheese shoes and headed in armed with curiosity, a love of all things cheese and my camera.

Rhonda loading up a 5 gallon bucket with curds and whey.

Rhonda loading up a 5 gallon bucket with curds and whey.