The Cheese Well Traveled – Ontario Cheese Comes West

In country as big as Canada there are bound to be cheeses that never leave their home regions or are not known well enough by local cheesemongers to bring them in.  Thanks to an internet cheese friend, yes that is a thing, I was lucky enough to sample some great Ontario Cheeses that don’t make it to Alberta, well Edmonton at least.The line upI want to thank Kelsie Parsons for bringing these great cheeses from Ontario on his recent trip out west for work  Kelsie was the Official Cheesemonger for the 2014 American Cheese Society Conference and is currently putting the finishing touches on his book about Artisan Cheesemakers in Canada. Read More

Blue Cheese – The Taste Is Kind Of Growing on Me!

In the past I may have made some unkind comments about blue cheese, even after making several attempts to make a lactic blue.  My version of Stilton has started to change my mind.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Feta Class – Huge Thanks to Blush Lane Organic Market.

I love making cheese and I love teaching people how to make their own cheese.  On March 7th I had the pleasure of teaching a “Feta” Class for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton.  I want to thank Scott Bladon and his team at Blush Lane Organic Market for sponsoring the class and providing the Goat Milk for the students.  Milk is the most expensive part of cheesemaking, so when Blush Lane Organic Market offered to donate the milk I was truly grateful.Blushlane Read More

Josef 3.0 – A New Beginning.

First off I want to apologize for not posting over the past couple of weeks.  I have been extremely busy with my day job, cheesemaking classes, The Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards and on top of that I slipped and fell of my steps a couple of weeks ago and it finally does not hurt to sit.  Enough of that, it is time to talk about cheese, and more specifically the third version of Josef.

This was a double batch.  Each pot had 16 litres of milk
This was a double batch. Each pot had 16 litres of milk.

After our League of YEG Home Cheese Makers meeting I opened up my second version and it was time to make another. Read More

Fantastical Feta Fail & Where To Find Them

The answer to the title is in my kitchen. Sometimes things go wrong during a make, the why and the how are important, but it is what you do with your Fantastical Fail that is important.

Everything seemed to be going so well.
Everything seemed to be going so well.

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Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards – Call For Entries!

Recently I posted about the possibility of there being a Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Competition/Awards to recognize and give feedback to Home Cheesemakers.  We have turned this possibility into reality.   We have officially opened the first  Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards and are accepting entries until April 15, 2015.  Click on the image below to get to the Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards page.

Screen Capture

I know some of you are saying “My cheese is not competition worthy”, that is not the point of the Amateur Cheesemaking Awards.  We want to provide encouragement and feedback to Home Cheesemakers.  Everyone who enters will get a copy of the judging reports to help improve their skill level.

Lets make this be a showcase for Amateur Cheesemaking in Canada!  If you have any questions contact me or email competition at or click here

Josef – 10 Months In The Ageing.

In March 2014 I made another Josef, an Appenzeller style cheese, and at our most recent League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’ meeting it was time to see if all my hard work would pay off.

Josef Ready.
Josef 2.0 was ready, I was ready, but would it taste good.

Who better than to share it with, but my fellow league members. Read More

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