Cheese Making Classes

Are you or someone you know,  interested in learning to make cheese? I think I may be able to help you out.

  • Metro Continuing Education will be offering  “Introduction to Artisan Cheese Making” and “Artisan Cheese Making – Camembert” Classes, which I will be teaching.  Look for them in the cooking section of the online calendar or when the catalogue comes out.
  • Due to current circumstances, I am in the process of trying to buy/take over operations of an Artisan Cheese Making Business, I am not able to run any private classes at this time.  Those people who have contacted me as of 20 November, 2015 about classes, I will see if I can fit you in.  Once I know the status of my personal employment I will post something.
 Intermediate and Advance Classes are available by request.  The price is based upon the cost of supplies (which is your non-refundable deposit) which you get to keep, plus a personal instruction fee.

Online Cheese Making Mentoring/Classes

If you are not in the Greater Edmonton Area and still want information about workshops please feel free to fill out the form below.  I will try to get you in contact with someone in your area, or talk to you about a possible visit to your place.
I am available for Cheese Making Mentoring/Online Classes.  This is a relatively new service at Much To Do About Cheese, but I have worked with David from Florida over the past few months, in helping him with his cheese making.  We work on one cheese at a time until YOU are satisfied with the cheese.
Have Curd Knife, Will Travel!

Cheese Making Workshop Information Request



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