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Mozzarella Madness – Traditional Cultured Mozzarella

Anyone who knows me, knows that the bane of my existence in the cheese world is Mozzarella. I can teach people to make a successful batch of quick mozzarella 99% of the time. But when I am trying to make it for myself it… Continue Reading “Mozzarella Madness – Traditional Cultured Mozzarella”

The Demon Cheese has been shackled…or quieting the Mozzarella Monkey

So to say that a have a mozzarella monkey on my back is an understatement , here is the proof

Mozzarella: The Demon Cheese – November Cheesepalooza Challenge

If a person could have a nemesis and if that nemesis could be a cheese, then for me it would be Mozzarella!  I have struggled in vain with this cheese, with little or no success.  Currently as I type this I am 4 for… Continue Reading “Mozzarella: The Demon Cheese – November Cheesepalooza Challenge”

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