A great picture of the moon I had to share

Wait that's no Moon!!Yes but what is it?

Wait that’s no Moon!!
But what is it?


Cheddar vs Caerphilly – Round 1…Fight! December Challenge Favourites

Once again life got in the way of posting this on time, but after pouring though several different posts, we have come up with our favourite posts for Caerphilly/Farmhouse Cheddar Challenge. (more…)

First Attempt at Semi-Lactic Mold Ripened Goat Cheese

I have dabbled in Semi-Lactic cheese may times, and this time I tried some goat milk and used ARN (mixture of Geotricum, Orange and Ivory B. Linens and yeast).  There was some trouble with my curd set and I had to pre drain the curd slurry that formed in cheesecloth before I could get them into Dixie Cup DIY moulds for 24 hours.  Once I get this one down I will post directions/recipe on how to make it.  Here are some pictures of the results at 10 days.  Oh I forgot to mention I forgot to salt the curd in the moulds, oops, it will factor into the flavour. (more…)

Jarlsberg off the Port Bow Captain! – Part 1

December 2012 was a huge month for making cheese, as I have previously said.  My last Cheese of 2012 and I guess, the first cheese of 2013 capped off a 5 cheese month, and I name thee Jarlsberg.  But as always I will put the disclaimer that this cheese will be in the Jarlsberg style and probably taste similar but not exactly the same, you know the deal with cows, climate etc.  I love Jarlsberg, so do a few people I work with, one of whom is Norwegian and has asked me to make this for some time.  I hope I don’t disappoint him.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then lets begin. (more…)

Cheese Making Class at Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese

Are you looking for something cheese related in Alberta to do on the Family Day long weekend? Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese is having another Cheese Making Session in conjunction with the Cheesepalooza project (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PART OF CHEESEPALOOZA TO GO) on Sunday February 17, 2013 at their Creamery in Smoky Lake, AB. Cost is $129 per person and includes lunch.

They are doing a Raclette Lunch and making Alloette their new Raclette Style Cheese that day which you get to take home with you.  Space is limited and there are now only 4 spots Left. This is an excellent experience and worth the trip and supports local artisan producers. If you are interested email smokyvalleyartisancheese AT (@) and they will get back to you about registration.

If it is Gouda for you, then it is Gouda for me!…Part 1

December has come and gone, just as 2012 has turned to 2013, change is good, but certain things stay the same, I make cheese and I love it.  Recently I asked my readers to vote on which “washed curd” cheese I should make as my next cheese.  First I was surprised that anyone voted and that Fontina was a close second to the eventual winner Gouda.  Well if it is Gouda for you, then it is Gouda for me! I will have to write about this cheese in two parts.  The first part will cover the make itself and the first part of the afinage (aging) and the second part will cover the aging to tasting. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin. (more…)

Cheese Genesis – Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese Trip – 27 December 2012

It was a balmy -24C when I met Rick(from Explorations with Sailor Rick and part of Cheesepalooza) at the Tim Horton’s Parking at 5:30 AM on December 27.  We were meeting to head out to Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese (our partner in Cheesepalooza) to help Alex and Leslie make a new cheese for their burgeoning cow milk cheese line.  Originally it was to be a take on a Gouda, but it was decided we would head into the mountain regions for our inspiration for the day’s make.  After loading up on a double-double and some muffins we were off into the dark and certain fun.  We arrived in good time and despite the somewhat slippery highway conditions (sometimes it is a good thing to be stuck behind a semi truck), and after the usual coffee and catching up, we got to work. (more…)

Past present future- Much To Do About Cheese Holiday Update

So as the year winds down I have not had too much time to write anything let alone make as much cheese as I would like to.  That being said I have some quick updates on Tomme(y) and a few other cheeses that I will have to talk about later.

This was my chèvre fail, it was so dry I pressed the curd.It came out like a "Farmer's Cheese" and was good fried.

This was my chèvre fail, it was so dry, so I pressed the curd.
It came out like a “Farmer’s Cheese” and was good fried. My next batch turned out great.

Here is the latest picture of Tomme(y) after two weeks of ARN washing

Here is the latest picture of Tomme(y) after two weeks of ARN washing

Here is a sneak peak at the "Reader's Choice Gouda"  I will post more on this later.

Here is a sneak peek at the “Reader’s Choice Gouda” I will post more on this later.

I still have a trip out to Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese this week and I plan to make another cheese before the New Year.  I do tend to post pictures on my Facebook page more regularly than here, but they do lack some of the detailed commentary that I have here.

May your Holiday Season be Joyous, Safe and full of Cheese!

Cheesepalooza Mozzarella Challenge Favourites – Traditional Mayhem

Once again it is time to announce our favourite posts for this past challenge.  It is getting harder and harder to pick our favourite posts as everyone is rising to the challenge of cheese making.  I am really impressed with the level of success that people have had with this challenge.  A big pat on the back goes out to everyone, now on to the posts (click on the picture to see the post) (more…)

Tomme(y) comes marching home Hurrah!

Last weekend Addie and I made the trek out to Smoky Valley Goat/Artisan Cheese to help out with a Cheese Making Session. Leslie and Alex run sessions where you get to learn how to make cheese and help with the day’s make.  There is a fee go to contact me and send me a message if you are interested in going to one and I will get you the information.

We were going to help out with a few projects and help tweak the Redwater to make it better and more unique when compared to it’s fraternal cheese twin, Callingwood.  We were lucky to be joined by Tino and his daughter Amanda, the session was a birthday gift to her father, and l think we hooked them on cheese making.  A few weeks before Alex and Leslie made a Monatasio style cheese and we helped to rub the rinds with various herbs and even honey. (more…)