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Its been one week since you looked at cheese

I know that BNL will be OK with me adjusting the words from “One Week”.  It has been a week since the little pillows of happiness were made, and with an every two day washing cycle it has been pretty good so far. I…

The Scotch and Morge – Special Project Cheese Part 2

I think you can guess from this picture what I was about to start. Yes I was going to make soap. But moving on, it was that time again, cheese time. This time I wanted to up the ante so to speak and make…

Do you like that rind? Want to have it on your cheese?

Have you ever come across a cheese that you like that has rind that was colorful/flavourful, and you think I want to make that cheese or hey that rind would be awesome on this cheese. Well you can, by creating something called a morge….

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