A great picture of the moon I had to share

Wait that's no Moon!!Yes but what is it?

Wait that’s no Moon!!
But what is it?


Cheddar vs Caerphilly – Round 1…Fight! December Challenge Favourites

Once again life got in the way of posting this on time, but after pouring though several different posts, we have come up with our favourite posts for Caerphilly/Farmhouse Cheddar Challenge. (more…)

If it is Gouda for you, then it is Gouda for me!…Part 1

December has come and gone, just as 2012 has turned to 2013, change is good, but certain things stay the same, I make cheese and I love it.  Recently I asked my readers to vote on which “washed curd” cheese I should make as my next cheese.  First I was surprised that anyone voted and that Fontina was a close second to the eventual winner Gouda.  Well if it is Gouda for you, then it is Gouda for me! I will have to write about this cheese in two parts.  The first part will cover the make itself and the first part of the afinage (aging) and the second part will cover the aging to tasting. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin. (more…)

Past present future- Much To Do About Cheese Holiday Update

So as the year winds down I have not had too much time to write anything let alone make as much cheese as I would like to.  That being said I have some quick updates on Tomme(y) and a few other cheeses that I will have to talk about later.

This was my chèvre fail, it was so dry I pressed the curd.It came out like a "Farmer's Cheese" and was good fried.

This was my chèvre fail, it was so dry, so I pressed the curd.
It came out like a “Farmer’s Cheese” and was good fried. My next batch turned out great.

Here is the latest picture of Tomme(y) after two weeks of ARN washing

Here is the latest picture of Tomme(y) after two weeks of ARN washing

Here is a sneak peak at the "Reader's Choice Gouda"  I will post more on this later.

Here is a sneak peek at the “Reader’s Choice Gouda” I will post more on this later.

I still have a trip out to Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese this week and I plan to make another cheese before the New Year.  I do tend to post pictures on my Facebook page more regularly than here, but they do lack some of the detailed commentary that I have here.

May your Holiday Season be Joyous, Safe and full of Cheese!

Tomme(y) comes marching home Hurrah!

Last weekend Addie and I made the trek out to Smoky Valley Goat/Artisan Cheese to help out with a Cheese Making Session. Leslie and Alex run sessions where you get to learn how to make cheese and help with the day’s make.  There is a fee go to contact me and send me a message if you are interested in going to one and I will get you the information.

We were going to help out with a few projects and help tweak the Redwater to make it better and more unique when compared to it’s fraternal cheese twin, Callingwood.  We were lucky to be joined by Tino and his daughter Amanda, the session was a birthday gift to her father, and l think we hooked them on cheese making.  A few weeks before Alex and Leslie made a Monatasio style cheese and we helped to rub the rinds with various herbs and even honey. (more…)

Getting my Asiago On!

I have made hard cheese before, Parmesan and my Ewe’s milk basket cheese ended up being a great hard cheese for grating, but I like Asiago and I thought I would try  the recipe in Mary Karlin’s book gives you two options for the cheese and produces two small wheels. One that would be aged for seven to eight months or the d’allevo type and another that could be aged to the Pressato stage for 4 weeks.  The ones that I made are not  true Asiago, not only because of the PDO status of the cheese, but also of the milk used and obviously the environmental conditions of my little slice of life here in Edmonton.

“Asiago is an Italian cow’s milk cheese that can assume different textures, according to its aging, from smooth for the fresh Asiago (Asiago Pressato) to a crumbly texture for the aged cheese (Asiago d’allevo) of which the flavor is reminiscent of Parmesan. The aged cheese is often grated in salads, soups, pastas, and sauces while the fresh Asiago is sliced to prepare Panini or sandwiches; it can also be melted on a variety of dishes and cantaloupe.

As Asiago has a protected designation of origin (Denominazione di Origine Protetta or DOP), the only “official” Asiago is produced in the alpine area of the town of Asiagoprovince of Vicenza, in the Veneto region. Asiago cheese is one of the most typical products of the Veneto region.” Wikepedia (more…)

Semi-Lactic Cheese #2 – First 37 hours of Secret Squirrel

Part of my reasoning behind helping/joining Cheesepalooza is to get out of my comfort zone as well as resetting my cheese making.  One branch that I have been interested in, but have been too busy or too chicken to try has been “Semi-lactic” cheeses.  “Semi-lactic,” which means that the cheese is curdled more by lactic-acid build-up than by rennet.

Hopefully the start of something good!


Mozzarella: The Demon Cheese – November Cheesepalooza Challenge

If a person could have a nemesis and if that nemesis could be a cheese, then for me it would be Mozzarella!  I have struggled in vain with this cheese, with little or no success.  Currently as I type this I am 4 for 15 with this cheese.  Yes 4 successes in 15 tries!  I am the Maple Leafs of Mozzarella making, I succeed just enough to get the fans excited and then I tank the rest of the time.  I have tried several different methods of the “direct” acid methods.

3 of the four success had come from the so called “30 Minute” Mozzarella way of things using citric acid to acidify the milk and form the curd.  I even had success using this when I added cream to 2% milk.  It was lovely and melted well.  The best was when I used Vital Greens 3.25% whole non-homogenized milk.  It was lovey and flavourful and melted well.

Successful Mozzarella with whey Ricotta

But this challenge is using Mary’s method not Ricki’s way. (more…)

Smoky Valley Thanksgiving Cheese Adventure

Our Smoky Valley Cheese Making Group with Alex

Well better late than never should be the title of this post or Ian gets to play cheese maker part II, but in reality it is Addie, Diana and my Excellent Cheese Adventure or bringing Callingwood into existence.  It was a cool morning when the three of us met to head out to Smoky Valley to help Leslie and Alex with a day of cheese making and for Diana it was her first time coming out with us so we were excited for her too.  Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese/Goat Cheese is about an hour and 15 minutes from Edmonton and it is a nice drive with some great farm/agriculture scenery along the way. (more…)