Winter Project – Restoring A Cheese Cutter

For Months I have been seeing an ad on Facebook Market Place for an old hard cheese cutter. I’ve only seen theses in pictures of old cheese shops or in some high-end cheese shops, rarely used and only for display. The price was not high, my budget was tight, so with some penny pinching here and there I was able to buy it.

An “Old School” cheese cutter in rough shape.

From the pictures in the ad, I knew that it would need some work to make it look good, let alone useable. The cutting board is sanded plywood, the blade is stainless steel, but pitted. The good thing is the rust only looks to be surface rust.

It looks like the rust is only surface rust.
I have a suspicion that this chunk of plywood is not “original” let alone food safe.
Not a great picture of the blade, but you can tell it too needs work.

The real surprise came when I lifted the “cutting board” off. I had no idea that there was a turning mechanism below. There is a piece that is supposed to help you set the angle at which the cheese will be cut/rotate the board, it was broken off. I know a few welders so I might be able to get a replacement part.

These were a surprise to find.
I found this “scale” on a section. I have to do more research, but I think it may have to do with rotating the cheese for cutting.
A look underneath shows the bottom arm has a broken piece. I hope to have a piece welded on or I might just take it out.

I hope to start working on this project over the Christmas break. If anyone has any suggestions or knows more about this type of cutter let me know in the comments or drop me a line through the contact me section.

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