Liebster Award – Thank you



First off I would like to thank the Academy….wait…sorry wrong award.  I want to thank Erin from Reluctant Food Blogger , for nominating me for a Liebster Award.  What are the Liebster Awards?  They are essentially given to bloggers by other bloggers, to say hey your blog is something I really enjoy and you should receive some recognition for it.  There are some rules to follow, and here they are:

  1. Thank the nominating blogger
  2. Nominate blogs that are new and/or have small followings. (Like Erin I have no idea how to tell if they have a small following so I will nominate blogs I like)
  3. Answer questions from the nominating blogger
  4. Tell your readers random facts about yourself
  5. Give your nominees questions to answer

And the Nominees Are!

Tucker’s Farm Goat Cheese – I have followed this Goat Cheese Producer from Bermuda for some time and I am always entertained by the posts and I have learned a thing or two along the way.

.\KitchenLab! – Tyler is on a food journey, be it cheesemaking, preserving or gardening it is fun to see his adventure unfold one post at a time.

Fromage Homage –  A fellow Turophile that hails from London, in the UK.  I enjoy the weekly Fromage Friday posts and the trips to UK cheese producers.

Grongar Blog – I started to follow this blog because of the cheese, but I grew to love it more because of the photos, the poems and the overall atmosphere of it.

Bacon Hound – I stumbled upon this blog a few years ago intrigued by the name and I stayed for the content.  Everything from a really good Tourtière recipe to recent searches for the best Burgers and Pizza’s in Edmonton.

Random facts about me:

  1. I spent 20 years as a Reserve Officer in Canadian Armed Forces, more specifically the Cadet Instructor Cadre working with the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Program.
  2. I am 42 and I just had to get progressive lenses that include 3 progressions (Tri-focals)
  3. When I was young I had a stammer, now I only stammer when I am extremely mad or upset.
  4. I collect UBIs or Useless Bits of Information and I like to share them…a lot!
  5. I am allergic to grain alcohol, but I love single malt scotch.

My answers to Erin’s questions:

  1. If you were on death row, what would you choose as your last meal?  That is too easy, it would be a cheese plate that would include several illegal (here) raw milk cheeses from Europe – Camembert de Normandie, Valencay, Reblochon, Mont d’Or, wow there are so many.
  2. What is your pop-culture guilty pleasure?  The 100 and any kind of  well written Superhero type show (Arrow, Flash, Daredevil etc)
  3. What was your motivation when you started blogging?  I needed an outlet for my cheese talk so I wouldn’t inundate my wife (not a cheese fan) with all things cheese.
  4. What’s your favorite book of all time?  That is a hard one, can I am going to have to go with a book series and that would be the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell.
  5. What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?  I am not a fan of the term “bucket list” it seems so final.  But I would have to say that it would have been – you guessed it, go pro, make cheese as my full-time job.  Not too exciting I know.

My questions to nominated bloggers:

I was so tempted to do the Monty Python and The Holy Grail questions

  1. What is the one dish you like to make the most often and why?
  2. If you could have a conversation with anyone in history who would it be?
  3. What is your idea of a relaxing day off?
  4. Where is your ideal place to go on holiday?
  5. What is your favourite time of year?

Well I think that is about all for this.  And to the nominees…GO!

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2 Comments on “Liebster Award – Thank you

  1. Congrats! You deserve it. Thank you for the honor as well.

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