Month: April 2015

Liebster Award – Thank you



First off I would like to thank the Academy….wait…sorry wrong award.  I want to thank Erin from Reluctant Food Blogger , for nominating me for a Liebster Award.  What are the Liebster Awards?   (more…)

Taming Of The Blue – Moraine Blue

Once again I fell into the trap of making cheese, trying it and moving on.  I have issues being motivated enough to write posts for the site.  I have been lax in my picture-taking, except for Instagram/Facebook.  Well the time has come for me to play catch up.  I want to share a cheese that has changed my mind about Blue Cheese.  On December 27, 2014 I made my first proper blue cheese, it was a Stilton Style cheese.  Now 3 months later it was time to open up this cheese and see if the finished product was any good.

Blue ready

The finished product.

Quick spoiler – it was.  But there is more to this cheese than that. (more…)