Josef – 10 Months In The Ageing.

In March 2014 I made another Josef, an Appenzeller style cheese, and at our most recent League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’ meeting it was time to see if all my hard work would pay off.

Josef Ready.
Josef 2.0 was ready, I was ready, but would it taste good.

Who better than to share it with, but my fellow league members.

Out of the box
After 10 months in its own ripening box it was time to come out.
Colour of the rind
The rind was pretty solid and the colouring was pretty nice.
The colour
The surface had a light dusting of geo, but over all the colour was what I had hoped it would be.
Knife to the Wheel.
The rind was pretty solid, it too some effort to cut the wheel.

After some effort I was able to cut the wheel in half.  The paste was near perfect except for one flaw

You can see the groove left by the Trier when I sampled the cheese and something that does not seem to belong.
That tiny streak of blue was due to a crack in the wheel.
Breaking down the wheel
The paste was firm and had a nice floral/fruity/nutty aroma.
Not so thick rind.
The rind was not as thick as I expected it to be.
Cheese ready
I took one wedge and sliced it for the meeting
Ready to serve.
The cheese was a big hit with my fellow Leaguers.

I did not make proper tasting notes, but the aroma played well with the nuttiness of the cheese.  I was quite happy with the salt levels and especially the mouth feel.  The cheese started out firm but became creamy as it warmed.  It was a hit and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.   So much so that I have already started Josef #3.

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