The Blue Road To Stilton….Part 2

Just after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, I made my first attempt at a proper blue cheese.  Now a few days later it was time to check on the cheese and see if it was time to smooth or “rub up” the surface, to form a proper “sealed” rind.

Last day of draining
As of the 5th day of draining there was a decent amount of blue.

But was there enough to call for unmoulding and smoothing?

More blue on the ends.
There was a fair amount of blue migrating into the nooks and crannies.
Rubbing up
It was definitely time to smooth the rind.

I set up my iPad and my camera to record the smoothing process.  It does get a bit blurry during the sped up section, but you can get the gist of the process.  I used my curd knife to rub up, which proved to be easier than I thought it would be.  The trick was to make sure that the cheese was at room temperature.  

 You can see that some of the cheese crumbled off during the smoothing process, you could see that I tried to salvaged the bits and pressed them back on the cheese.

Rubbing done
Here is the finished product, all nice and smooth.
Blue Review
It isn’t perfect, but I am pretty pleased with my first attempt
Ripening box
The Stiltonesque is no ready for 3-5 weeks (depending on rind development) of aging on a cedar plank, then it gets pierced.

The directions say to age the cheese for 3-5 weeks at 10- 13 degrees celsius, during which a greyish rind will form.  Once that happens I can pierce the cheese to allow some much-needed oxygen into the cheese to promote the blue to grow and form lovely veins.  I can’t wait.

If you can think of another name for the cheese and not Stiltonesque, please feel free to comment.  Happy New Year.

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