Month: December 2014

On The Blue Road To Stilton – Last Cheese Of 2014…Part 1

I have toyed with lactic blues over the past few months with varied success, but as 2014 drew to a close it was time to buckle down and make a proper blue.  With so many choices, I thought the classics don’t go out of style and I have had requests for a certain English Blue for a while; so a Stiltonesque cheese it was to be.

Stilton, both Blue and White versions, have PDO status by the EU and can only be made in three counties (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire) in England, using pasteurized milk, to be considered Stilton.  A Raw Milk version of Stilton, co-created by Randolph Hodgson of Neal’s Yard Dairy and American Joe Schneider, is called Stichelton because of the conditions of the Stilton PDO.

Would a Stilton by any other name smell as funkilishous?  Would it taste as great?  It was time to fire up the cheese vat and find out.

Cultures and mould added for Stilton Style cheese

With the cultures and P. Roqueforti added the Stilonesque was under way!



A Year In Cheese – The Big 3!

I have been tempted to take the next few weeks off from writing and concentrate on Family and personal cheese making, but I have some pictures that I wanted to share.  They from a Yukon Raft tasting, but of two of “The Big 3” cheese that I made this year.  The Clothbound Cheddar and Josef.

"The Big 3" - Clothbound Cheddar, Yukon Raft and Josef

“The Big 3” – Clothbound Cheddar, Yukon Raft and Josef


Blue Cheese #4 – The Great Deceiver, or One Cheese Does Not Make A Success!

I am in the weeds here folks!  I’ve tried to make a lactic blue cheese, with varying success.  The first was a salt lick but looked pretty, the second didn’t even get any blue on it, but looked pretty as well.  The third and most successful to date was a spur of the moment decision to add some p. roquforti to one of my Camembert, it was not pretty but super tasty.  The fourth attempt had everything going for it, great coverage and the sampler cheese, well…

A nice looking blue!

A nice looking blue!


Alberta Cheese Adventure – Grande Prairie Cheese Making Workshop 2015

Earlier this year I have the pleasure of going up to Grande Prairie Alberta to teach an Introduction to Cheese Making Class, it was a great experience for both the participants and myself. So much so that I have been asked, and I said yes by the way, to come back in April of 2015 to teach another class.  So mark you calendars, April 11, 2015 is the date.  If they get a great response another class could be added.


You can find out more about Grande Prairie Regional College and how to register for the class by clicking here.

Have curd knife, will travel.


9 More Join The Fellowship Of Cheese Making!

It was a cold and cheese full day last Saturday in Edmonton, when 9 more people joined the “Fellowship of Cheese Making.”  It was -28 degrees Celsius  (-18 Fahrenheit) at the start of the day, but it warmed up to a balmy -23C by the time we finished.

I spent the night before prepping my equipment.

I spent the night before prepping my .