Month: October 2014

Wordless Wednesday – Rafting



Tasty To The Core – 8 Month Clothbound Cheddar – Sampling

Last month I wrote about my Clothbound Cheddar  and how it has aged.  This was the first time I have ever made a Clothbound Cheese and it has been an education.  I think I mentioned during the first post that I missed a step and that time would tell if it would be a problem.  At 8 months it was time to see if I have a success or failure on my hands, thankfully I have a Trier that my wife gave me last year for Christmas. (All pictures are taken with my iPad.)

Plunging the Trier into the bandaging required some force

Plunging the Trier into the bandaging required some force.


No Blue For You! Second Attempt At Making A Blue Cheese.

My last attempt at making a blue cheese was a success, well in the sense that I got a blue cheese, but it was a salt lick.  I wanted to make another, so I could “fix” my mistakes from the first batch.  I had received some new moulds and I wanted to use them to change things up a bit. (All pictures taken with my iPad)

My Valençay moulds arrived.

My Valençay moulds arrived.