Month: August 2014

A Madman With A Blue Cheese Box!

Ever since I started to make cheese, I have had friends asking me to make blue cheese.  For years I have answered with screwed up face and a big “NO!”  I have had a few blues over the years and there are only two that I don’t mind, Salt Spring Island Cheese Company’s “Blue Juliette” and the occasional piece of Stilton, but only after a few glasses of wine.   Oh how the times have changed

It was time to fire up the double boiler and make something.

It was time to fire up the double boiler and make something.



We Have A Winner! – Much To Do About Cheese – Woolwich Dairy Giveaway.

Every day is better with cheese, and Douglas Cully from Ontario, is going to be getting some Woolwich Dairy Cheese!  Douglas’ name was drawn via a random number generator (  Congratulations Douglas, the Cheese is in the Mail!

Coco Loco

Thank you to all that entered, I appreciate your support for Canadian Cheese and



Product Review – Woolwich Dairy’s Coco Loco Chèvre Spread and Giveaway!

I get a lot of companies sending me emails asking me to review their product, 99.9% of them have nothing to do with cheese.  So when I received an email from Woolwich Dairy asking me if I would review their new flavour of Chèvre spread called Coco Loco, I said sure why not.  Coco Loco

Disclaimer –  I have not been compensated for this review by Woolwich Dairy, other than the two containers of the Coco Loco they sent for the product reviews.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  Woolwich Dairy has offered a gift basket to be given away on this site.  Details of the giveaway will be at the end of the post. (more…)

Looking For A Few Good Curd Nerds!

Yes you read the title right, I am looking for a few good Curd Nerds, fellow cheese makers, cheese lovers, to be part of Much To Do About Cheese.  Really all I write about is my “Quest For Cheesetopia” but there is much more out there to do about cheese.  If you are interested in contributing to the website with a guest post please email me  cheese (at)  Full disclosure , I cannot pay you for your time (we are not there yet) , but you will get full credit for anything you contribute.  20140423-094429.jpg


Alberta Cheese Adventure – The Cheesiry

There are several cheese producers in my home province of Alberta, there are a few that produce cow and goat milk cheese; but only one that  I know of that produces wonderful sheep milk cheeses.  The Cheesiry was started in 2009 in Kitscoty Alberta, (200 km east of Edmonton) by Rhonda Headon, using the milk from her flock of grass-fed East-Friesian sheep.  I had spoken with Rhonda a few times “online” and over the phone and once in person, but it was time I made the trek out to Kitscoty and for a visit.  After all I had bought her cheese  before, it would be rude not to visit.  So with my friend Addie behind the wheel we left Edmonton and headed out on the open road for an Alberta Cheese Adventure.

We arrived at the farm just in time for the pressing stage of the day’s cheese making, Rhonda was nice enough to invite us into the cheese making room to see the process.  We donned our proper cheese shoes and headed in armed with curiosity, a love of all things cheese and my camera.

Rhonda loading up a 5 gallon bucket with curds and whey.

Rhonda loading up a 5 gallon bucket with curds and whey.


The “Beaufort” That Waited…No More!

I mentioned before that last July (2013) my friend Addie and I made a Beaufort style cheese and we would try it once he returned from India.  Well he returned two weeks ago and along with our friend Rick it was time to try the cheese.  So I put together a few cheese boards and we had a “Tasting Night” because just one cheese would not be enough.

Our beautiful natural rind "Beaufort" aged 375 days.

Our beautiful natural rind “Beaufort” aged 375 days.


Twisted Squirrel = Twisted Mess!

It is often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the same could be said for cheese.  This is the case with my experimental “Twisted Squirrels“.

Slightly brainy, and fluffy it looks good....

Slightly brainy, and fluffy it looks good….