Day: June 12, 2014

Basic Fresh Cheese – Cheese Making eBook is Ready

Earlier I mentioned that my eBook was almost ready for release, it is now ready for release.  It is available through the brand new Much To Do About Cheese Store.  It is selling for $5.00 CAD and the store takes paypal.  I have a link to the store in the right side of the site or you can get to the store here .

Much To Do About Cheese

After several months and many edits, I have finally finished my first eBook.  For now the only way to get it is to take one of my private cheese making lessons, but I am working on setting up direct sales through my website, and eventually iBooks etc.  For now here are a few screen captures for you.

I want to thank my friends Kris for being my editor and my friend Heidi for designing the new logo.

Stay tuned for more announcements about Much To Do About Cheese eBooks and possibly some other goodies.


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