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The “Beaufort” That Waited

Last July (2013) my friend Addie and I decided we were going to make a cheese together and we both thought that an alpine cheese would be a good choice.  We picked one that had a longer aging time as Addie was off to India for work and would not be back until the fall.  As you can tell by the title of the post we picked a wonderful cheese from the Savoie region –  Beaufort .  Well it is now almost the end of June 2014 , work extensions and cheese making consulting gigs delayed him, but now the wait is almost over,  he returns at the end of next month. I documented the aging of the cheese from the pressing to the current stages, every so often sending an email to tease him about the cheese.  This is the story of the “Beaufort” that waited.

This was one of the last times I used my DIY press.

This was one of the last times I used my DIY press.



Yukon Raft Sampling

Tonight I sampled one of my Yukon Rafts. They are 5 1/2 weeks old and so far they are amazing.



Soft , gooey and a great smell. I used a spoon to peel back the “lid” and then used crackers to scoop out the heavenly paste within. I know this is a bit of a tease, but I will post more in a few weeks when they are a little older.20140423-094429.jpg

Josef Returns, But Bigger & Possibly Better!

Last summer I made an Appenzeller in honour of my Grandfather who had passed away and named it Josef.  I still have a small wedge of that cheese left that I am saving for the return of my friend Addie from India, but it was time to make another one, this time bigger and possibly better!  I still have use of Addie’s Roaster Vat and I wanted to make a larger one than last time.  Please note that some of the pictures were taken with my camera and some with my iPad.

Armed with two vats and 28 Litres of milk it was time to start making cheese!

Armed with two vats and 28 Litres of milk it was time to start making cheese!


Amber Crossing – Room Temperature Gooey Cheese Test

I have mentioned that the Amber Crossing was quite gooey at room temperature, and of course a few people have said to put my cheese where my mouth is, so here is some video I took of the Amber Crossing and its ooey gooey goodness.

I just hope that the Yukon Raft are as gooey.  Until next time….20140423-094429.jpg

Washing The Yukon Rafts – Spruce Wrapped, Beer Washed Reblochon Update.

Now that there is a break in my Cheese Making Class schedule I can play catch up on some the cheeses that I have made.  The one I often get asked about is my latest batch of Spruce Wrapped Reblochon, which I have nicknamed “Yukon Raft”. It has been about a month since they were made and I wanted to give an update as to their progress.

I was waiting for the Geotricum to bloom before I could start washing the cheese with the beer that I had selected, around day 4 I was pleased to see that they were ready to get a good coating of the beer wash.

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery's Yukon Red (an amber ale)

On day 3 I prepared the mix of Salt, PLA and Yukon Brewery’s Yukon Red (an amber ale).

I did learn some interesting things that can be helpful when preparing your wash solution. (more…)

Have Curd Knife, Will Travel! – Grande Prairie Cheese Making Class June 7th.

A while back I was asked if I would travel to Grande Prairie and teach one, possibly two, cheese making classes for Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC).  Grande Prairie is about 500 km north-west of Edmonton, where I live, and I have never been there before.  Of course I said yes, and I started to prepare for the class.  20140423-094429.jpg (more…)

Basic Fresh Cheese – Cheese Making eBook is Ready

Earlier I mentioned that my eBook was almost ready for release, it is now ready for release.  It is available through the brand new Much To Do About Cheese Store.  It is selling for $5.00 CAD and the store takes paypal.  I have a link to the store in the right side of the site or you can get to the store here .

Much To Do About Cheese

After several months and many edits, I have finally finished my first eBook.  For now the only way to get it is to take one of my private cheese making lessons, but I am working on setting up direct sales through my website, and eventually iBooks etc.  For now here are a few screen captures for you.

I want to thank my friends Kris for being my editor and my friend Heidi for designing the new logo.

Stay tuned for more announcements about Much To Do About Cheese eBooks and possibly some other goodies.


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Flowers Have Boomed And So Have The Little Squirrels!

Almost a month ago I started a new batch of “Little Squirrels“, by using 2% milk and adding heavy cream to bump up the creaminess.  In that time the cheeses have bloomed, wrapped and sampled several times.

Little Squirrels under wraps!

Little Squirrels under wraps!

I was pleased with the progress of this cheese, I am almost ready to share the recipe…but not yet. Well as they say pictures speak louder than words. (more…)