Day: May 17, 2014

Return Of The Little Squirrels!

A while back I mentioned that I thought I had finally cracked the recipe for my Little Squirrels, a semi lactic bloomy rind made from cows milk.   It was time to try again, but being me, I wanted to tweak the formula.  I kept the basic formula, but this time I upped the fat content.  Last time I used 4 litres of skim milk and 500 millilitres of heavy cream, this time the cream stayed the same but I used 4 litres of 2% milk as the base.  I am not sure but I think this makes the cheese in the double cream range or at least 1.5.  At this point I was toying with the idea of using PLA instead of Geo 17 as the mould source.

Time To Choose

I had both PLA and Geo 17, but which one would I use?