It Was A Grey and Dreary Day, But We Had Cheese!

On May 4th the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’s had our third get together, this time in celebration of the often maligned Washed Rind cheeses.  The stinkers, the aromatically enhanced glorious leaders of the cheese world.  Can you tell I love washed rind cheese?  Sure they stink, but fore the most part their aroma mellows at room temperature.  Their flavours can be in your face, even complex or easy like a Sunday morning.

We had a variety of cheese, that included some non-washed rinds, such at Rick’s Wild Crottin and Wild Ash’d Goat, Corinne’s amazing Marinated Chèvre, Larry’s Great Brie.  I put out some of my 4 month old YEGmental and some Queso Fresco.

All the cheese in the world
This was the full cheese table

There were so many cheese, that I felt very lucky that, being the host, I would get to keep a few.  There were some interesting cheeses

In the upper right of the picture below you have Josef (my Appenzeller Style), then some YEGmental.  Below them were Rick’s Wild Crottin and Wild Ash’d Goat.  Below them were Corinne’s amazing Chèvre one was marinated in olive oil lemon and rosemary and the other was plain.  The two cheeses on the bottom left were the only ones not homemade.  Rick provided the two below the Amber Crossing, one was washed with a nice peaty Scotch and the other was washed with a Scottish Heavy Porter. both were delicious but the Scotch washed one was my favourite.



Left Side of the table.

Next was Larry’s Brie, which by the way is always spot on and has converted me to a Brie fan.  Some Queso Fresco to the right of that.  Below it was Larry’s St Stanislaus.  You could see the linens starting to peak out at you, but the aroma was great.  The flavour was spot on for my liking and the texture was so creamy, it was on the salty side but not overwhelming.  I can tell you that I made sure this one was tucked away at the end so I could have some later.



You can just see the crackers that Corrine made for the gathering, they were amazing and I wish I would have taken a picture of them too.  The two cheese next to the orange rind cheese were the only two not homemade,they were goat cheese from Quebec.  I am sorry but I cannot remember their names.  The cheese next to it was an interesting cheese, Jonatan had made a Gouda and wanted to experiment.  He had noticed that the rind had dried out so he started washing with a brine solution with linens in it.  I think it was a good save on this cheese.  You have the aroma of the linens, then you have the wonderful Gouda flavour with a hint of sour.  It finishes with a slight bitterness, but not in a bad way.  This was another piece of cheese that was tucked away at the end too.




Even though the weather was miserable, it was snowing in the morning, the company was great, the cheese was amazing and a good time was had by all.  We discussed our next meeting and suggested a Caerphilly Challenge.  I will definitely keep you posted.

Until next time…I’m going to eat some cheese.20140423-094429.jpg

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