Day: May 5, 2014

It Was A Grey and Dreary Day, But We Had Cheese!

On May 4th the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers’s had our third get together, this time in celebration of the often maligned Washed Rind cheeses.  The stinkers, the aromatically enhanced glorious leaders of the cheese world.  Can you tell I love washed rind cheese?  Sure they stink, but fore the most part their aroma mellows at room temperature.  Their flavours can be in your face, even complex or easy like a Sunday morning.

We had a variety of cheese, that included some non-washed rinds, such at Rick’s Wild Crottin and Wild Ash’d Goat, Corinne’s amazing Marinated Chèvre, Larry’s Great Brie.  I put out some of my 4 month old YEGmental and some Queso Fresco.

All the cheese in the world

This was the full cheese table

There were so many cheese, that I felt very lucky that, being the host, I would get to keep a few.  There were some interesting cheeses (more…)


Basic Fresh Cheese – Cheese Making eBook On The Way!

After several months and many edits, I have finally finished my first eBook.  For now the only way to get it is to take one of my private cheese making lessons, but I am working on setting up direct sales through my website, and eventually iBooks etc.  For now here are a few screen captures for you.

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I want to thank my friends Kris for being my editor and my friend Heidi for designing the new logo.

Stay tuned for more announcements about Much To Do About Cheese eBooks and possibly some other goodies.