Day: April 29, 2014

Quality Control Tastings – Amber Crossing Update.

They say that curiosity killed the cat.  Sometimes this can be applied to cheese making too.  I have been curious how the Amber Crossing, my spruce wrapped-amber ale washed, cheeses would turn out.  I know that the cheeses are less than 60 days old, but it was time to try at least the one that did not have a strap, as a quality control measure.  Well that is what I was telling myself to justify opening it early.

unwrapped spruce.

This was the one wheel that I did not wrap in spruce.

This wheel was only washed with the ale for 7 days, I was concerned that the paste was softening too fast so I stopped the wash early.  These were some of the factors I would have to consider while tasting it.  The main question remained…How would it taste? (more…)