Clothbound Cheddar Week 8 – Filling In The Gaps

I last posted about my Clothbound Cheddar just after week 5, there was some life to the mould/flora on the bandaging but it wasn’t where I thought it would be.  What a difference 3 more weeks make.

New fridge, old cheese

The Cheddar is in the bottom ripening box.

I have a new dual zone cheese fridge and the lovely Cheddar has gone into a new ripening box and into the fridge.   So without further ado and such I present to you my Clothbound Cheddar at 8 weeks old.

top of the cheese.

Now the flora is starting to fill in the gaps.

no mould on tag

The twine for the tag was larded, but it seems to be immune for some reason.

colour changes

You can start to see the different shades of green, and greys.

Cheese of Cadpat.

The colouring reminds me of CADPAT.

moving along

I am impressed to see how much the flora has spread.

bottoms up

It was time to flip the cheese and show the bottom

colour changes.

You can see that the bandages are starting to dry out and mould is starting to go grey, like me.

again bottoms up

The “bottom” of the cheese is starting to fill in as well.

I am really happy with the way this cheese is turning out.  There isn’t a funky or mouldy smell to it nor have I had any issues with the mould spreading outside of the ripening box.  I think that I have successfully suppressed the need to scrub the rind and get rid of the mould.  I am excited to see how this turns out.  I will post again at week 12 to show how things have changed.  I will have pictures up on Facebook later this week.

Until next time, go and make some cheese!


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