Amber Crossing – What A Difference 15 Days Make!

My newly named “Amber Crossing” are now 15 days old and my how they have grown.  After yeasting for a few days they started to get their wash which consisted of a mix of Alley Kat’s Amber, PLA and salt.  One thing that I am not know for is my patience, but cheese making has helped me with that and I have been rewarded with these cheese so far.  Yesterday I ran out of the original batch of wash mix so it was time to make some more…

Rabbit ears
Here is the new batch of wash. You let it sit a room temperature for 12 -24 hours before starting to use it.

…and give an update on the cheese.

I originally had the “Un-Strapped” Amber Crossing in the upper fridge and the rest in the lower fridge.  I had brought the strapped ones upstairs for washing and take them back down.  In the end I moved them all to the upper fridge so I could give them more attention and move some of my cheeses that were in the flip once a month stage to the lower fridge.

9 Days Old & No Name

I had washed the cheese for several days with good results.  The colouring was great in some areas, but in others not so much.

not much here
At 9 days old this side shows minimal growth
no much here either
Here on the “quality control” one there isn’t much growth on this side either
nasty twine
I was starting to regret using the twine do to the goop and other things growing on it too.
better than nothing.
Now when I flipped the cheese you can see that the other sides had better growth.
even more growth
This is something that is supposed to happen, but hasn’t in earlier makes. A light dusting of geo can be seen in the right light.

So the washing continued and the search for a name did too.

15 Days & A Name

I wanted to give this cheese a name, I could not call it a Reblochon, I could not call it a Vacherin, I wanted a name that could pay tribute to the wonderful beer and something local to combine them.  I had thought of several Edmonton landmarks, but they did not seem to fit.  I chose Amber after the beer and then chose Crossing because I live near an area with Crossing in its name.  It may sound cheesy, but that is how I came with the name Amber Crossing.  It works for me.

15 days and a name
Now with 15 days in the colouring has improved. I ditched the twine for elastic bands.
Colour is good
The linens and beer have started to work together in perfect harmony.
Geo coverage
The geotricum dusting has started to cover the whole of the cheese. It even has given a wrinkle or two.
Geo dusting and finger prints
You can see where I poked the surface to see if the internal paste is softening. Yes it is!
Winkle in time.
I am surprised what a few days have done for the cheese. The wrinkles are an unexpected bonus, as Vermont Creamery says – “Wrinkles Are Sexy!”

The un-strapped Amber Crossing was no exception, a few days made all the difference.

ready to wrap
You can see the geo wrinkles and the colouring improvement.

I mentioned on Instagram that the cheese smelled like a Reblochon that had went on a bender.  The aroma was amazing, but there was a drawback to this improvement.  The sides of the cheese was becoming soft.  It was time to wrap this beauty and start the cold aging.  I plan on trying this cheese when my family comes up to visit at the end of next month, and then rest at our League of YEG Home Cheese Makers meeting in May.

I should have the rest of the pictures up on Facebook later in the week.  Until next time…

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