It’s Alive! – Clothbound Cheddar Week 3

The Clothbound Cheddar I made at the beginning of February is now into its third week of aging and with a few tweaks the flora on the bandages has really started to take off, so to quote Doctor Fankenstein “It’s Alive”.  There is more growth than in week 2, but that is what I had hoped for.

Top showing linens
If you get the right angle you can see some brown,pink and green on the top.

But that’s not all folks…..

The major tweak that I implemented was putting the cheese in a ripening box to keep up the humidity.  Right now I can only keep the mini cave between 65 and 75 % RH.  With the box I can get it between 80 and 90 %.

Growth on bottom
Here is the “bottom” of the cheese, you can see that there is growth on it too.
on the sides
There has been growth and some spreading on the sides
More growth
This is showing that the flora is alive and the increase in humidity is helping.
Even more on top
On the “Top” of the cheese there is mould where there wasn’t last week.
growing a mould farm
There is more mould spreading on the top. I think in another month I might have full coverage.

Every day when I flip the cheese, I still have to fight the urge to clean the cloth.  It get less and less each time.  I had a friend ask if I am encouraging the mould growth, why do I wash my hands before I handle the cheese?  My answer was “I don’t know where my hands have been”, the look on his face was priceless.

New growth.
There is flora everywhere on the cheese.
More Mould more love
Here is some on the “Top” by the edge
Even more mould love
This was just a wee splash of green last week
Colour of the mould
I love the contrasting colours, the green on the white of the bandages.
Different Colours
I am fascinated by the different colours of the flora, this probably means different strains.
New life
I think I have taken a picture of the start of another growth patch. Time will tell.
All closed up
Now securely back in the ripening box it is time to go back to the “cave” for more aging.

Once the cheese is fully covered, I will cut  the updates to once every two weeks, unless people want me to keep it as a weekly feature.  As always there will be pictures up on the Facebook Page later in the week.

In the next few week I should have a few announcements and hopefully some pictures from some of the classes that I am teaching.  Until next time, go and make some cheese!


One Comment on “It’s Alive! – Clothbound Cheddar Week 3

  1. Love the analogy of cheese-making with horror movies! I’m sure yours is not at all scary though.

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