Month: March 2014

Amber Crossing – What A Difference 15 Days Make!

My newly named “Amber Crossing” are now 15 days old and my how they have grown.  After yeasting for a few days they started to get their wash which consisted of a mix of Alley Kat’s Amber, PLA and salt.  One thing that I am not know for is my patience, but cheese making has helped me with that and I have been rewarded with these cheese so far.  Yesterday I ran out of the original batch of wash mix so it was time to make some more…

Rabbit ears

Here is the new batch of wash. You let it sit a room temperature for 12 -24 hours before starting to use it.

…and give an update on the cheese.



An Explosion of Life!-Clothbound Cheddar Week 5

I know I promised to update the state of the Clothbound Cheddar every week, well it has been a few weeks and I realized that I hadn’t posted in a few weeks.

lots of life.

There have been an explosion of flora on the bandages.

So without further ado please enjoy the explosion of life that is my first Clothbound Cheddar.


The Grand, Early, Opening Of The YEGmental.

On December 31 of 2013, I started making my last cheese of 2013, an Emmental that I have dubbed the YEGmental.  The cheese was almost three months old and armed with my trusty Trier it was time to take a sample and see if the “Music of the Cheese” was really telling true was I being miss lead. (more…)

The Taleggio Time, and I, Forgot!

Have you ever forgot about a cheese?  I have and this is its tale, the tale of the “Taleggio That Time Forgot”.  I was cleaning out my cheese fridge to make room for some more cheese and I stumbled upon this (Warning the following pictures are of a graphic cheese nature and may not be suitable for cheese lovers)

Imagine rooting around in your cheese fridge and finding this!

Imagine rooting around in your cheese fridge and finding this!


Sprucing Up My Cheese Making By Giving Them The Strap!

This past Christmas I was given some cheese making supplies, and in my stocking I found these peculiar things that looked like paint stirring sticks.  They weren’t, I was relieved I thought my wife was hinting at a reno project, they were spruce straps used for wrapping cheeses such as Vacherin or Mont d’or.  Well March has rolled in like a lamb and I figured it was time for me to use them.  So armed with 14 litres of “HomeMaid” and extra fat whole milk, my trusty Reblochon and basket mould it was time to spring into cheese action.

Spruce Straps, Moulds and Alley Kat's Ambert Ale.  A match made in cheese heaven.

Spruce Straps, Moulds and Alley Kat’s Ambert Ale. A match made in cheese heaven.

I decided that I would use the Reblochon recipe I have, but wash the rinds with a Amber Ale by Alley Cat Brewery, from right here in Edmonton.  With this goal in mind it was time to start. (more…)

And Queso Was Its Name-O!

The was a man he made some cheese and Queso was its name-o.  Well Queso Fresco to be exact!  As part of my class with Metro Continuing Education I demonstrate how to make a Queso Fesco, a fresh pressed cheese that is ready to eat the next day.  I like to age mine a week before eating, but it is strictly a personal preference.

Starter kit

I gathered up my basic equipment and began.


First Cheese Making Class In The Books & Telus World of Science Edmonton Presentation!

Yesterday I taught my first of three Cheese Making Classes for Metro Continuing Education here in Edmonton.  There were 12 participants from the Greater Edmonton Area, all wanting to learn some of the basics or cheese making.  They were a great group and in the end I ended up learning a thing or two as well.   We started with a talk on the basics and then dove right into making cheese.  It was a hands on class, with only one demonstration cheese, the Queso Fresco, and we finished with my “Quick Mozzarella”

Cheese Making Class Collage

Just a quick peak into my cheese making class and the prep that went into it.

I will be posting the Queso Fresco I made ahead of the class as well as the directions on how to make it in a future post.  The rest of the classes for Metro Continuing Education are full, but you can always send me an email through the Cheese Making Classes section of my website and we can talk.

Telus World of Science, Edmonton – DARK MATTERS, An Evening for Adults.

The Telus World of Science – Edmonton, has started to host evenings with  various themes for Adults, called “DARK MATTERS“.  The next night (March 13, 2014) is all about the science of food, with various presenters including  Alley Kat Brewing Company and I will be  talking about some of the science behind making cheese and making my “Quick Mozzarella” as part of the demonstration.  If you are in the Edmonton on the 13th stop by and say hello.

It’s Alive! – Clothbound Cheddar Week 3

The Clothbound Cheddar I made at the beginning of February is now into its third week of aging and with a few tweaks the flora on the bandages has really started to take off, so to quote Doctor Fankenstein “It’s Alive”.  There is more growth than in week 2, but that is what I had hoped for.

Top showing linens

If you get the right angle you can see some brown,pink and green on the top.

But that’s not all folks…..