Day: February 5, 2014

Bringing On The Funk! – Fun Times With Taleggio Part 2

It has been well over a month since I made my first cheese of 2014, my first Taleggio and it has been a fun and funky time for these four little cheeses.  But wait you are thinking you made five, sorry there are only four left now.  I have two words that describe what happened to one of the cheeses – “Quality Control”.  I will get to that later, but it is time to talk about washing the rind and brining on the “Funk”


Like most washed rind cheeses, Taleggio is washed with a brine solution, but unlike other cheeses you do not add any more linens to the brine.  That is right, just a simple salt brine.  The transformation is stunning and the “Funk” definitely is here.  I started to wash the rinds on the third day of ageing and then every second day for two weeks.

Rind after first was

After the first washing you can see that the ridges left by the draining plate are still quite pronounced. I wondered if they would wear down.