Much To Do About Cheese on The Little Green Cheese Podcast

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Gavin Webber from Little Green Cheese and The Greening of Gavin, via Skype, for his Little Green Cheese Podcast.  I was honoured to be asked to be part of his wonderful podcast about home cheese making.  We talked about various topics including my amazing time working with Smoky Valley Artisan/Goat Cheese, The League of YEG Home Cheese Makers and much more.  Follow the link below and have a listen.  While you are there check out the other 17 Podcasts and the rest of his wonderful site.  You will see why he is one of my cheese making heroes. 

LGC Podcast Episode 18 – A Chat with Ian Treuer

Today I had the pleasure of talking to an experienced home cheesemaker, Ian Treuer.  He lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Ian has a successful cheese making blog called Much To Do About Cheese, and it what I really like about it is that he documents not only his excellent successes, but he also shows everyone what can and does go wrong.  Just brilliant.

During the podcast we mentioned at few links that I said I would list in the show notes;
Ian’s Little Squirrel cheese,
The link to the “Introduction to Artisan Cheesemaking” course that he is running in March 2014,
and the link to Gürkan Yeniçeri’s Camembert method and recipe.  You may remember Gürkan when he was a guest on Episode #4 of the podcast.
So on with the podcast….

Little Green Cheese: LGC Podcast Episode 18 – A Chat with Ian Treuer



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