Getting Things Under Wraps – Camembundy, MinCams and Cheesecomber Logs…Oh My

It snowed here last night, it was a wet heavy snow.  I shouldn’t have been surprised it is November and we still haven’t had any real snow and this is Canada after all.  So the snow had me thinking it was time to post an update on the Bloomy Rind Cheeses that I have on the go.  After looking at the MiniCams it looked like I had the beginnings of “Slip Skin” (link to Curd Nerd) so It was time to wrap the cheese and get them into cooler ageing.  I know that the bloom was not complete but I think I had too high of humidity and the Geo 17 might have gotten out of hand.  

For the first MiniCam, I had a little cheese paper left, it was not the proper paper used in wrapping cheese like I have used before, but it would do for this one.Collage Normal Wrap_Fotor

No that was the end of my paper, now it was time to DIY something for the rest.  I took to twitter and my Facebook Page and asked for suggestions.  I decided to use parchment paper and foil paper to wrap things up.Collage Foil Wrap_Fotor

A few days later I looked at the Camembundy and saw the same thing happening.  So in was time to wrap as well.Camembundy Collage_Fotor

I have come to the conclusion that I need to get some better ripening boxes and I should invest in some proper cheese mats.  I think the lack of airflow and the cross stitch mats that I use  were an issue.  I should have switched from the bamboo mats too.  Lessons learned.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to be leading a workshop for the Edmonton Permaculture Guild’s Harvest Fest.  We that was last night and I think it went OK.  It wasn’t my best performance as an instructor, and we ran out of time just before we started to stretch the curd, yes I showed how to make “Quick” Mozzarella.  I was very honoured to be part of the Harvest Fest and to share some cheese making with those in my workshop.  I made notes on what I thought went well and what I should improve on.

Well that is a wrap on things…wait you say what about the Cheesecomber Log mentioned in the title.  Well my little rescue logs are doing fine, one was given to my Sister-In-Law for baby-sitting and the other one…..

What do you think I was snacking on while writing this post?  Too bad the time change made it too early for wine.
What do you think I was snacking on while writing this post? Too bad the time change made it too early for wine.

Tasting Notes For Cheesecomber Log

  • Appearance: The rind was wrinkly and some of the PC seemed to have died out (I did not use proper cheese paper)
  • Nose (aroma): Mushrooms, Lactic, with a hint of ammonia (Looks like I got it in time)
  • Overall Taste: Slight acidic with earthy tones, it finished with something I just can’t place, not off-putting, maybe umami?
  • Sweet to Salty: The definitely the right amount of salt but not salty, it was somewhere in between.
  • Mild (mellow) to Robust to Pungent (stinky): I would say that this cheese was on the mild side.  I was not looking for a knock your socks off, slap in the face flavour.  It was as Goldie Locks said “Just Right”
  • Mouth Feel: (gritty, sandy, chewy, greasy, gummy, etc.): Soft, creamy and as it warmed up more gooey (I finally got gooey that was not an ammoniated mess!)

Will I make this again?  Yes I will, but I will try to do it right so I won’t have to go through this hassle again….but when have I ever done things the right way.  I will have more pictures up on the Facebook Page as well.

Until next time go and make some cheese.

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