Harvest Fest Hosted by Edmonton Permaculture Guild including Cheese Making Workshop.

This weekend at Richie Community Hall in Edmonton, the Edmonton Pemaculture Guild will be having a Harvest Festival, complete with various workshops, including a basic cheese making workshop. Michael Moore has send me this little update and a schedule of events as will as a list of vendors that will be there as well. If you are in the Edmonton area on Saturday November 2, check it out.

The Edmonton Permaculture Guild’s Harvest Fest is days away, tickets are selling like crazy, the bands are all lined up, we have the schedule for the workshops and the lineup of Vendors who are coming out to be a part of this great event.

Please Note: All workshops taking place in the kitchen have a limited number of attendees so make sure to come early and secure your spot, as these will be first come first serve. All other workshops have unlimited attendance. See you on Saturday!

Deborah Mailhot has a special treat for the children; decked out in her fairy best, she will be offering face painting to all the adventurous little ones and big people too if you are so inclined


5 Comments on “Harvest Fest Hosted by Edmonton Permaculture Guild including Cheese Making Workshop.

  1. Hi Ian!
    I’m a new fan and was just wondering what types of cheese you will be teaching at Harvest Fest? Also, do you know if I sign up at the start of the Fest for all of the kitchen workshops? Or do I have to sign up immediately before each one? I want to make sure I can get into all three! =)

    Thank you!

  2. (specifically I don’t want to be pickling something while I’m supposed to be signing up for cheese LOL)

    • Hi Jennah,

      Thank you for the kind words. I only have an hour, so I will be doing a very basic fresh cheese, as the hands on, and hopefully I will have time to demo another quick cheese as well.

      As for the cooking workshops, they are all first come first serve from what I gather. The kitchen is small so there are limited numbers.

      I hope this helps.

      • I also will be bringing some samples of my cheeses with me to show the end results of more complex cheese making.

  3. Sounds great, Ian! Thank you for the quick reply. I did see that they are first-come-first-serve, but wasn’t sure about whether there was just a sheet where we put our names down or if we stood in a physical line-up and therefore whether it would be better to skip a class in order to make it for the line-up for the following class, or if I could safely put my name down for all three at once. I will just have to show up early and hope to get in! =)

    Also, with regards to the type of cheese, I have made mozzarella already, and thought if that was the cheese you were making, then I should leave that spot for someone else who has never done it. But, if it’s anything else – I need more cheese skills! Now I feel like I should go anyway just to sample the cheese you’ll be bringing – your photos look amazing!

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