Farmer’s Markets Rock – Finally Selling Cheese.

Yesterday I experienced the euphoria of being a vendor at a local market here in Edmonton. I felt the nervousness I haven’t felt since the first day of school, the rush of excitement explaining the types of cheeses that we produce. Just interacting with potential customers was amazing, talking about cheese and cheese making with people who share a love of cheese, good cheese.

The learning curve was not that steep, the people were quite nice. I was tutored by Leslie and Alex , the owners and seasoned market veterans. I feel confidant that I will be able to handle myself in mid May when I take over the downtown market stall. I loved the atmosphere and the people are great. Te next couple of weekends I will not be at the market for the next few weeks, time off before the storm, and I have to start making cheese so we can have it ready for market. I am excited. If you are in Edmonton on a weekend, stop by and say hi.


Our class on May 19th, is almost full, we will announce more classes in the coming weeks.

Go make some cheese, or buy some you like.

5 Comments on “Farmer’s Markets Rock – Finally Selling Cheese.

  1. Your class is almost full? WOuld love the deets when you have them! I am so happy this is bringing you the joy you have been seeking in the cheese making world, Ian! You deserve it!

  2. Oh, I’m bummed that we chose this Saturday to go to the Old Strathcona Market instead of City Centre! I’m sure we’ll see you lots in the summer though. That’s awesome!

    • Yes, starting mid May, if all goes to plan, I should be there every Saturday. I am really looking forward to talking to people at markets and of course talking about cheese. See you this summer!

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