Market First Timer – Learning the Ropes with Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese

I have been to Farmers Markets many times, in Edmonton and many other countries too. Saturday will be my first foray into the world of a market vendor.
I will be learning ropes of selling cheese at a market at the City Hall Market in Edmonton starting at 10 AM. Come by and say hi, try the cheese and if you like it buy some. We still have spots left for our cheese making classes in may too!


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  1. acanadianfoodie says:

    Ian – can you e-mail me the cheese making days in May. This is the first I have heard of any in May – and the details. I will post them on all of my facebook pages and tweet them out!

  2. if only you were not on the other side of the continent….

  3. Kay Mulcaster says:

    Will low-fat cheese be offered at markets? Some of us love cheese but unfortunately cannot have the fat.

    1. ihtreuer says:

      Sorry we don’t really make low fat cheese, but that being said we use whole unhomogenized milk and we don’t add any cream to our milk. It depends on the type of cheese too, certain cheeses have a lower fat content. It also depends on when the cheese is made too, winter milk seems to have more butterfat than summer milk.

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