No Cheese Olympics for me – Technically No Longer an Amateur Cheese Maker

It is official, I have started a new chapter of my life, I am now a real boy…sorry, I am now a “real” Cheese Maker.  After helping out at Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese, for the past 6 months, I have accepted a place with them in Production and Marketing.  I know those are fancy titles, but what does it mean?  I means that I will be making cheese for Smoky Valley, and I will be selling cheese at a Farmers Market in Edmonton (more details will follow on the markets).

I work two jobs and help out at Smoky Valley making cheese, in order to do this I am leaving one of the jobs that I have been with for 20 years.  Am I nervous? Yes I don’t want to screw this up.  Am I happy? Over the moon.

I want to thank Leslie and Alex from Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese for giving me this opportunity and especially my family for supporting me through this transition, I officially have the best wife and kids in the world.

Go make some cheese and see you this summer at the logo adjusted v2.0

11 Comments on “No Cheese Olympics for me – Technically No Longer an Amateur Cheese Maker

  1. That’s fantastic! I’m so glad you are taking the opportunity to do something (for pay) that you really love. Congratulations!

    • I am very fortunate to be going to work with/for some great people. That makes it so much more worth while.

    • Thanks Rebecca, it is a dream come true. I had my first market day on Saturday. It was amazing. I have my first couple of “Solo” makes coming up at the farm too.

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