Much To Do About Cheese Exclusive: Cheese Making Class at Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese

Have you ever wondered how Artisan Cheese is made?  Do you want to know what theses things are doing?

now is your chance as a supporter of Much To Do About Cheese.

new logo adjusted v2.0Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese’s next cheese making class/session will be 19 May 2013, and they have been gracious enough to reserve one spot for that day’s class for a Much To Do About Cheese supporter.  The cost is $129 CAD ($124 if you follow Smoky Valley on Twitter @svoatcheese) and will include a light snack upon arrival, lunch and you will be able to take home some cheese.  This is a hands on day, and will showcase what is involved with producing quality artisan cheese in Alberta.

There is room for 8 people on the session, 2 spots are already gone, and one is reserved for Much To Do About Cheese,  which leaves 5 regular spots left.  So if you want more information or want to take advantage of this offer please fill out the form below.

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