Getting Ready for Market with Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese.

Is there that special Artisan Cheese Producer that you love, and you can only buy their cheese a local Farmer’s Market?  Have you ever wondered how much work goes into getting ready for the market?  Addie from The Big Cheese Project and I went out to help get Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese ready for the Saturday Market.  We started  by helping out moving some equipment and tidying the cheese room and then we got to the business washing the rinds of the cheeses.  Please check out the slide show below.

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Unfortunately we were only able to stay until 3 pm, we were only able to get 1/4 of the cheese wrapped and ready for market.  This gave Leslie and Alex a head start and with their new vacuum sealer it would not take long to get the rest done.  It was an eye opener as to pricing and prepping.  Determining fair prices, which cheeses to be used for samples, which cheeses to bring; it is more involved than you think.  So next time you got to that Artisan Cheese Maker you like’s stand please consider the effort in making the cheese and the efforts they put into getting ready.  It is worth the price they put on the package for their quality cheese.

As always I will have more pictures up on the Facebook Page for Much To Do About Cheese

Go and make some cheese, or go buy some cheese from an Artisan Cheese Maker.

One Comment on “Getting Ready for Market with Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese.

  1. Thank you so much for this post. You are Addie are a godsend absolutely. The ideas, expertise and friendship, like MasterCard is priceless. The DUFFER, Redwater and the Stout Cheeses were a huge hit. Have a very Happy Easter. Looking forward to your lead next # cheesepalooza workshop April 7th. We will make some cheese and eat it too!

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