Cheddar vs Caerphilly – Round 1…Fight! December Challenge Favourites

Once again life got in the way of posting this on time, but after pouring though several different posts, we have come up with our favourite posts for Caerphilly/Farmhouse Cheddar Challenge.

ValerieStephanie from Clockwork lemoncharmed by the mom and daughter time making cheese and the success they are having working on this project this year. Their farmhouse cheddar looked really yummy. Loved their creamy wax and that they made 2 rounds so that they could each have one. The instructions were clear and the leaning was evident.

Stephanie's Cheddar being brushed with cream wax.
Stephanie’s Cheddar being brushed with cream wax.

Addie & Ian – Ntala from Crazy Mare Ranch

Addie – A concise post recounting all the crucial steps in making firm cheeses.  Covering the cheese with lard and wrapping with cheesecloth is something I am keen on learning and seeing Ntala share that technique has given me confidence.

Ian – Photography was great and as a seasoned Caerphilly maker, usually goat, I was pleased to that she had a great looking cheese and she showed me something new with her ageing technique, it was the first time I have ever seen a cloth bound Caerphilly.

The amount of effort put into this cheese shows.
The amount of effort put into this cheese shows.

I would like to give special mention to Dianne Alder for perseverance, she had some issues with her cheddar, but kept with it and had made another one and had more success.  She stuck with it and did not give up.  You can see her post here.

Keep at it everyone, the best it yet to come in the challenges.  Go make some cheese.

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